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Cap Gemini Informatica Interview Questions
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1 lac of flat fles in source how to load target at a time?

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what is mapping performence?

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what is the incremental agrrigation?

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what is shared lookup&persistent lookup?

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without dynamic lookup transformation how to insert new rows and update existing rows?

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enterprise datawarehouse your project phase by phase explain?

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what is mean by throghput? in informatica

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what is service oriented architecture in Informatica 8 version

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In EMP table, for those emp whose Hiredate is same, update their sal by "sal+500" or else for others keep the sal as it is, how to do it by SQL query

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Source table ------------- ID NAME --- ------ 101 PANKAJ NULL KUMAR NULL MATHUR 102 JYOTI NULL SAXENA 103 SACHIN NULL TENDULKAR TARGET TABLE ------------- ID NAME --- ------- 101 PANKAJ KUMAR MATHUR 102 JYOTI SAXENA 103 SACHIN TENDULKAR How to do the above scenario in Informatica.

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what is mean by complex business rule ?


what is target load plan

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what is constraint based load order

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what is fact and what types of fact tables is there

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Cap Gemini Informatica Interview Questions

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