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Cap Gemini Informatica Interview Questions
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in my source table one of column contains the data like,, these records i need to send in target table as below format. vishnuraju,suresh,krishna

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i have source like this ID 1 2 3 4 sal 1000 2000 3000 4000 and how to load target like this o_sal 1000 3000 6000 10000 can you plz give a sol using informatica

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I have one source table and three target tables. When the session runs for the first time involving the mapping,i want that the loading should take place in 1st Target table only. The 2nd time the same session runs the loading should take place in 2nd Target only only and similarly when the session runs for the 3rd time loading should take place in Third only. And again when the session runs for the 4th time loading should take place in 1st Target table.

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Partition, what happens if the specified key range is shorter and longer


Explain your project of banking domian.


Design a mapping to calculate department wise sum of salaries and load it in single target? Source Target Deptno Salary Deptno Salary 10 100 10 600 10 200 10 600 10 300 10 600 20 200 20 800 20 300 20 800 20 300 20 800 30 400 20 1500 30 500 30 1500 30 600 30 1500


Calculate sum of salaries department wise. Then the sum will be repeat for all columns in each department. Develop a mapping for this.


On which transformations you created partitions in your project?


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Cap Gemini Informatica Interview Questions

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