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Cap Gemini QTP Interview Questions
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how to get the particular chr in an array list the question is ....i have an array like this ABCD EBCF GBCH IBCJ HERE I NET TO GET ONLY "BC" FROM ALL HOW TO GET IT HELP ME ANY ONE THANKS

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i have an array CAPGEMINI .....Here i need to check whether G is there or not to do that and friends i have one big doubt that is whether it is array or string ,how we come to know that and where we consider that it's array ,where we consider that it's an string because when i want to find the length i have big doubt whether we need to use len function or ubound ... ans me for this TWO Questions any one please

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hi, for QTP TRAINING......SURESH REDDY SMART SOLUTIONS sr.nagar IS BEST OR NOT? how faculty teaches?

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What is a Dictionary object in QTP.?

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Reverse a string keeping the words in the string as it is. E.G. "Quick Test Professional" O/P "Professional Test Quick"

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Reverse a string keeping the words in the string as it is. E.G. "Quick Test Professional" O/P "Professional Test Quick"

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write a script to close all open browser in qtp except one browser whose name is xyz

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Tell me about your project? please help me how to tell about insurance project


How to retrieve the object properties at runtime without the usage of GetROProperty?

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Lets say,flipkart search button we have entered category[i.e watches] it displays some items...question is how to test price displayed each product is correct or not through qtp

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Post New Cap Gemini QTP Interview Questions

Cap Gemini QTP Interview Questions

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