How do you handle Multiple windows in your application?

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How do you handle Multiple windows in your application?..

Answer / deepa

driver.findElement(“id of the link which opens new window”)).click();

//wait till two windows are not opened

waitForNumberofWindowsToEqual(2);//this method is for wait

Set handles = driver.getWindowHandles();

firstWinHandle = driver.getWindowHandle(); handles.remove(firstWinHandle);

String winHandle=handles.iterator().next();

if (winHandle!=firstWinHandle){

//To retrieve the handle of second window, extracting the handle which does not match to first window handle

secondWinHandle=winHandle; //Storing handle of second window handle

//Switch control to new window


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How do you handle Multiple windows in your application?..

Answer / suresh777

Set<String> parent=driver.getWindowHandles();

Object[] child=parent.toArray();

driver.switchTo().window((String) child[1]);

Here we have handle at any number of Windows

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How do you handle Multiple windows in your application?..

Answer / chetan phani.j

We handle Multiple popups by using getwindowhandles().

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How do you handle Multiple windows in your application?..

Answer / jameel shaik

static WebDriver driver;
public void Window_Handle() throws InterruptedException
driver=new ChromeDriver();
driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(10, TimeUnit.SECONDS);
Actions a=new Actions(driver);
driver.findElement(By.linkText("Learn more")).click();
String ParentWindow=driver.getWindowHandle();
System.out.println("Before Opening The Site"+driver.getTitle());
Set<String> ChildWindow=driver.getWindowHandles();
System.out.println("Before Opening The Site"+ driver.getTitle());

Iterator<String> it=ChildWindow.iterator();

System.out.println("Getting Child Window Title After Opening"+ driver.getTitle());
System.out.println("After Opening The Site" +driver.getTitle());


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