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Difference between @findByMethod and @findelement?

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Difference between @findByMethod and @findelement?..

Answer / elakkiya

Both methods are used to find the webelements.


This is one of the abstract method , should be used to find the single web element.
Return type is single web element.

This is one Annotation in Page factory model and used to locate one or more WebElements using a single criterion.

it has two kind of methods as follows.

• The @FindBys annotation is used in case elements need to match all of the given criteria
• The @FindAll annotation is used in case elements need to match at least one of the given criteria

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Difference between @findByMethod and @findelement?..

Answer / raam

@findby is a testng class,normally we use it in pageclass,
using this we can directly call the webelement


WebElement name;
using name we can easily call the webelement

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Difference between @findByMethod and @findelement?..

Answer / ram

findElement() :

-Find the first element within the current page using the given "locating mechanism".
-Returns a single WebElement.
-Syntax: WebElement findElement(By by).
–will throw "NoSuchElementException" if no matching element found

findElements() :

-Find all elements within the current page using the given "locating mechanism".
-Returns List of WebElements.
-Syntax: java.util.List<WebElement> findElements(By by)
–will return a empty list if no matching elements found and no exception will be thrown

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