what is the distribution lists in exchange server 2003

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what is the distribution lists in exchange server 2003..

Answer / srujan

Distribution list in exchange 2003 is used to populate
group of contacts to send a common Message. Also
eliminates the task of writing every individual name in
reciepents box.

Distribution list can be of two types, it can be either
Public or Private.

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what is the distribution lists in exchange server 2003..

Answer / dhanraj

In exchange Server you can create one or more distribution lists. It is a kind of group of email ids, where you just have to select distribution list name in "TO" box, and all the members of that list will receive your message. You need not to remember and write individual user's mail id.

You can create Public or Private distribution list as per your requirement. You can also create multiple distribution lists, like list for Sales Dept. Purchase Dept. Account Dept, IT Dept. and so on.

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