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HCL QTP Interview Questions
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how we implement share object repository in QTP 9.0 without using quality Centre , Explaine in brief


What is the main difference between QTP 8.0& QTP 9.2.And what r the features and benefits of QTP.

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1. wat are the main diff b/w QTP 8.0 AND QTP 9.2 ( not user interface) 2. wat is the meaning of Keyword in keyword driven frame work? 3. how u will handle the unknown errors while exucution. (not recovery scenario)


An object is created, i dont know the methods available for that object, i want to find methods available for that object and use the required method. How i can do this???

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An object is non standard object, i mapped it to standard object, eventhogh on mapping to standard object i cannot use the methods available on the standard object with the mapped object. How i can use those standard object methods with these mapped object. (((Note : dont tell that we can use virtual object as virtual object is to map nonstandard obj to standard obj)))


how can u find the syntax errors or other script errors in your test during the execution of your QTP Test - (i.e., not after the execution/test run finished, but before finishing the test run)

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what is the difference between Reusable action and external action?

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According to use, how virtual object is different from object spy? If Qtp is not learning a sub-menues. What should we done? how would we manage on the expert view too?

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tell me the script for envirnment value parameeter with an example. which situation envirnment valu parameter is used

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How do we run the scripts in QTP ?? what are the three options....

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where u maintain qtp scripts in ur company

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write the regular expression for date format of mm/dd/yy?

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how many script you will wright in a year ? i told it's depends on the proj..and ' of ... but he forced me to tell some num. or avg many i suppose to tell..??and do a favor per day how many script don't thing it's repeated question or common me post a ans...thanks for advance

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I Have web table shown below ----------------------------------------| | orcut | GMAIL | NAUKRI | |----------|---------|-------------------| |HOT MAIL | MONSTER | VISIT FACEBOOK | |----------|---------|-------------------| |SKYPE ACC | IRCTC | GOOGLE | --------------------------------------- Here i have 2 question friends.. 1.i want to chick the link "VISIT FACEBOOK" is there or not if it's there i want to click the link how to find the web table row or column count ... don't write the excel or data table script here friends ..consider that it's a WEB TABLE

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str="QTP AUTOMATION TESTING" here how many T are there in the str finally i want to display the T

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HCL QTP Interview Questions

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