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HCL Informatica Interview Questions
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what is pre and post sql and what is diff between source presql and target pre sql

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why we use datawarehouse


why we need informatica

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what is degenerated dimension table with scenario

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Explain factlessfact table with scenario

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What is confirmed dimension with scenario


Diffrence between static and dynamic cache

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If u r using dynamic cache lookup port will be thier in thet which option u will select

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What is souce qualifier transformation it is active or passive

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What is an aggregator transformation? it is active why cant it be passive explain?

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Diffrence between 7.1,8.1 and 8.6

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How the dimensions will be loaded?


How the facts will be loaded? explain

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What is partioning?how many types of partinings are there

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How can i explain my project architecture in interview..? in Igate asked me tell me your project flow from source to target..?

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HCL Informatica Interview Questions

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