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what is the life cycle of jsp?

what is the life cycle of jsp?..

Answer / malligontla

THe generated servlet class for a JSP page implements the
HttpJspPage interface of the javax.servlet.jsp package.
HttpJspPage interface extends the JspPage interface which
inturn extends the Servlet interface of the javax.servlet
package. the generated servlet class thus implements all the
methods of the these three interfaces. The JspPage interface
declares only two mehtods - jspInit() and jspDestroy() that
must be implemented by all JSP pages regardless of the
client-server protocol. However the JSP specification has
provided the HttpJspPage interfaec specifically for the JSp
pages serving HTTP requests. This interface declares one
method _jspService().

The jspInit()- The container calls the jspInit() to
initialize te servlet instance.It is called before any other
method, and is called only once for a servlet instance.

The _jspservice()- The container calls the _jspservice() for
each request, passing it the request and the response objects.

The jspDestroy()- The container calls this when it decides
take the instance out of service. It is the last method
called n the servlet instance.

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