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HCL C Interview Questions
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write a program to find out prime number using sieve case?


triangle number finding program...

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what is the program to display your name in any color?

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can you change name of main()?how?

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write a program in C that prompts the user for today's date,tomorrow's date and display the results.Use structures for today's date,tomorrow's date and an array to hold the days for each month of the year.


How to find the digits truncation when assigning the interger variable to the character variables. like int i=500; char x = i : here we have truncation. how to find this. another ex: i =100; char x=i. here we do not have truncation.

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write a c program to remove all the duplicate characters in a string and replace with single character? ex:-input- AAABBBCCC output- ABC

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void main() { int a=1; while(a++<=1) while(a++<=2); }

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write a program to display & create a rational number

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main() { intx=2,y=6,z=6; x=y=z; printf(%d",x) }

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write a program to print calender using for loop.

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why we are using semicolon at the end of printh statment

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Can U write a C-program to print the size of a data type without using the sizeof() operator? Explain how it works inside ?

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why we wont use '&' sing in aceesing the string using scanf


There are 21 people in a room. They have to form groups of 3 people each. How many combinations are possible? Write a C program to print the same.

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HCL C Interview Questions

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