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HCL SQL Server Interview Questions
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I have to display ten columns values from diffrent ten tables. how many joins are require?

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What is Peer to peer Replication?

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In join, which clause in not used?

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how many instance use in sql server 2005

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How many types of Joins in SQL Server 2005?

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what is differencial backup?how to work?Anybody explai it?

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Why do you want to join software field as you have done your BE in Electronics?


can any body tell me how to know the password of current user in sql server


Advantages and disadvantages of stored procedures.

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how do you determine the Load performance of any query in sql server {example how do u determine performance of a select stmnt which returns Dynamically many no of records ... some times 100,1000,10000 etc., }


find 2nd highest salary of person using cursor concept?

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how to find the second salary?

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how to delete duplicate rows in sql server2005

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wat new abt truncate in sql server

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I have a table Events Events containing cardno,time,id,name--each id has a cardno my requirement is every day each employee swipe the card several times i want to calculate first and last time of each card the output should be name 1 2 6 7 in out in out holiday holiday xxx 09:30 06:30 09:40 06:45 where 1,2...... are dates for example january 1,2, etc. 6 and 7 are saturday and sunday how it is posssible


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HCL SQL Server Interview Questions

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