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HCL C Sharp Interview Questions
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what is Diff Gram

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What is Bubble Event ?

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Advantages of c# over

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hi i m bhawna ,a student of mca want to know about what type of technical question has been asked in an interview of mnc's like HCL,TCS,WIPRO

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There are a class A. Another class B derived from it. Now if I do A a = new B(); and B b = new B(); What will happen in both the statements. And what is the difference between these two statements.

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class Program { void add() { int x=10, y=20; fun(); Console.WriteLine("{0}", sum); } void fun() { int sum; sum = x + y; } static void Main(string[] args) { Program f =new Program(); f.add(); } } Debug above program.....

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why we can't create an object for a static class?? what is the reason behind this?

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What is the Use Of Interfaces? For example I have a interface as shown below? Interface IMyInterface { public void MyMethod(); } class MyClass : IMyInterface { public void Mymethod() { Some Code } } class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { MyClass obj = new MyClass(); obj.MyMethod(); } } Here What is My Question is? If i remove Interface and run this code, it will executed then what is the Use of the interface? Can any one give me the solution for this Problem? Thanks in Advance!

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Integer at long type variable are not object.Support your answer with example.And explain the technique to convert from value type to reference type and vice-versa.

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What is Covariance and contravariance in C#?


How to assign Null value to Var?


What is Wrapper class in dot net?


In languages without exception-handling facilities, we could send an error-handling procedure as a parameter to each procedure that can detect errors that must be handled. What disadvantages are there to this method?


Define Final Class in C#


what is the difference between .dll and .exe


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HCL C Sharp Interview Questions

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