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HCL General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Who is the present chairman of SEBI? 1 Jairam Prakash 2 Jana Krishnamurthy 3 G.N.Bajpai 4 None of the above

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Which of the following countries is separated from India by the Gulf of Mannar? 1 Sri Lanka 2 Myanmar 3 Banladesh 4 Pakistan

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. Which of the following characteristics of Indian economy prove that it is an un-developed economy? (a) India’s per capita income is the lowest (b) Preponderance of consumption expenditure (c) Preponderance of agriculture in occupational structure (d) Prevailing unemployment or underemployment (e) All of these (f) Only (a) and (b)

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. When a piece of ice melts in a beaker full of water what will happen to the level of water? (a) It will go up (b) It will go down (c) It will remain the same (d) All of these

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. Which of the following is/are used as biofertilizers? 1. Azolla 2. Blue-green algae 3. Alfalfa Select the correct answer using the codes given below: Codes: (a) 1 alone (b) 1 and 2 (c) 1 and 3 (d) 1, 2 and 3

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The element common to all acids is 1 Carbon 2 Hydrogen 3 Oxygen 4 Sulphur

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What was d name of first bank established in India ?

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hcl full name

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slogan of LIC

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which is cause for swine flue?

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who is the commisner of delhi police?

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which of the Indian state does not have a common boundary with foreign country

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Hi Friends, Can anyone tell me regarding written test of KAS exam? Ambiguity for me in this case is, do we need to write answers of 3 or 4 pages ? And can any one tell me what kinds of questions(few examples) we will get for general exams??


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HCL General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

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