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HCL SAP Basis Interview Questions
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What is the exact meaning of ASAP?

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whats is happening in post import processing in scc7?

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a transport request is imported, it should have finished in 30 min but it is running for one day(it is running in quality system and it has the transport directory local)you see the slog and all logs are showing that import is processing....and it does not show any will you troubleshoot it?

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a backroungd job is should have finished in 30min but it is runing for long one day...if you check the process in sm50 it is running and if you check the pid in task manager it is is not hanged and job log does not have error...what will you do to troubleshoot it and how will you convince the particular job owner for killing and rescheduling ?

2 5253 to retrive corrupt file in back up ? 2.what post actives of patching increase the file size in unix


i'm new for security, pls help if assign the t-code to parent it wll effect to child role or not. can we assign to t-code directly to child role? it wll work or not?

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1.what is the difference between ecc5 and ecc6 ? workbech request can we import specific clinet only?if 3 or 4 clinets 4.what is the main role domain controler?

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1.why we configure the domain controle in production why sap recommended? 2.what is the use of 001 client?

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what is the abap patch format?

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What is Listner?? How to get the status of the Listner?

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What is check point?? chkpt??

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what is the use of Zlayer and saplayer in tms

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How do you create control file? What is the command?

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EWA configuration?

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HCL SAP Basis Interview Questions

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