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HCL OOPS Interview Questions
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define oops with class and object

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what is the use of classes in c++;

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What is conditional Compilation?

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String = "C++ is an object oriented programming language.An imp feature of oops is classes and objects".Write a pgm to count the repeated words from this scenario?


What is the use of fflush(stdin) in c++?

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write a c++ code to overload + and - for a stack class such that + provides push and - provides pop operation

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what is Class in oops with example?

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How to call a non virtual function in the derived class by using base class pointer

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What is the difference between the C & C++?

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What is byval and byref? What are differences between them?


Write a C++ program without using any loop (if, for, while etc) to print prime numbers from 1 to 100 and 100 to 1 (Do not use 200 print statements!!!)


which structured data type is not used in c++? 1.union 2.structure 3.string 4.boolean

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c++ provides classes...and classes do what we want but why then strcut are used...if we say data hiding... it is also provided by c++ in structs then why to prefer clasess

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HCL OOPS Interview Questions

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