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HCL Engineering AllOther Interview Questions
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(53/3)r=(15)r ,find the value of r?

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what is b tree


what is buffer solution?


write the output for yhe given program int a=5; void main() { int a=9; printf("%d",a); } printf("%d",&a);

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what are the advantages and disadvantages of extended vlan (range 1006-4094)?


Why the secondary ip address of interface is not advertising in IGP cloud?

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i m doing engg in IT .for getting job which courses i have to do?


how u send idocs with out using r.f.c interface


how will u recieve an std idoc from sendor->reciever


how will u send the idoc


how will u test the idoc


how will u recieve idoc


what are the steps u follow to create an custom idoc program in which environment u create the program?


tell me one scenario where we go for idoc and WHy we go for idoc.


what are purchase order , sales order idoc names and idoc types


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HCL Engineering AllOther Interview Questions

Un-Answered Questions

The following transactions relating to ABC Ltd for the month of 20x1 a) Services performed in relation to income recieved in advance total $1500 b)Supplies expense includes $400 of supplies that are still on hand at 30 June c)Interest accrued on the bank loan is 750 d)At the end of june paid rent for 3 months (June, july Aug) $6000 e)Credit sales for the month of June 2009 amounted to $50000. Past expierence shows that around 1.5% of net credit sales are written off as bad debts. XYZ ltd, previously notified ABC ltd that they have gone bankrupt, will be able to pay $1000, which was recieved at the end of the month. The provision of doubtful debt has an opening balance of $800. f) The owners of ABC Ltd wish to revise the balance of the provision of doubtful debts account to $3500. g) Depreciation of one year on the delivary van is $1500. h) On 30 June 2009, ABC Ltd sold an item of equipment for $40000 cash. The cost of equipment was $50000 and had a accumulated depreciation balance of $2000 REQUIRED: Prepare the relevant adjusting journal entries for the month of June 20x2


What are the types of transformation in RDD in Apache Spark?


How xslt works with xml?


my kid needs to make an diagram explaining what a compound is


What is a z test, chi square test, f test and t test?


hello friends..... any one have papers or any study materials?sail ,hpcl...?


Types of Sharing Rules in Salesforce and Explain it?


how can I know the status of the service tax filing of my organisation when I don't have any details except St number. I want to know till what date the returns are filed etc as I have recently joined.


Explain with the help of a diagram the functioning of an adder.


Explain ai backgammon?


If you have two record types for an object, do you need to have two page layouts for that objects? : salesforce sharing and security


What is a dual axis?


can any one help me out by posting something related to rvnl interview for site engineer electronics (S & T).? what is the procedure? what type of question they generally ask? how long the interview goes for one candidate? and any tips ??


What do you mean by net postings?


What is fluent wait in selenium webdriver?