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How many versions came upto now in SAS?

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How many versions came upto now in SAS?..

Answer / paul

SAS VERSIONS so far released in market:
V6.08 (includes OLAP & SAS/STAT)
V7, V8, V8.1, V8.2
V9.0, V9.1, V9.1.2, V9.1.3, V9.2
V9.2.1 (recently launched)

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How many versions came upto now in SAS?..

Answer / venu

All over the Globe, 90% environments are using SAS 9.2, 9.3 and 9.4.
Current version is SAS 9.4.

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How many versions came upto now in SAS?..

Answer / satyananda

7 Version history
7.1 SAS 71
7.2 SAS 72
7.3 SAS 76
7.4 79.3 - 82.4
7.5 Version 4 series
7.6 Version 5 series
7.7 Version 6 series
7.8 Version 7 series
7.9 Version 8 series
7.10 Version 9 series

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