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Is 100% Coverage is possible in Testing ?

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Is 100% Coverage is possible in Testing ?..

Answer / vicky

It may be possible but not Practical....because even though
u achieve 100% coverage its doesn't make the software correct...

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Is 100% Coverage is possible in Testing ?..

Answer / payal

No...100% coverage is not possible in testing...

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Is 100% Coverage is possible in Testing ?..

Answer / aravind

100% coverage is absolutely possible, but it doesn't mean
that software is bug free.

Let me give an example i have 10 requirements in my software
but i developed only 9 requirements, i have written enough
number UTs to cover all the developed code and achieved 100%
coverage. But it doesn't mean that, its bug free.

Coming to the point 100% coverage is not impossible but its
a difficult task. :(

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Is 100% Coverage is possible in Testing ?..

Answer / poonam

i also agree with this that 100% code coverage is not
possible as there must be some redundant code that nevers
gets executed in real time scenarios..also some code is of
error processing logic.

I am giving my views as from last one yr i am working on a
technical project in which execution all depends upon the
code coverage result--- need to check the programs for
changed lines of code.
To do 100% code coverage we need to do XPED.

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Is 100% Coverage is possible in Testing ?..

Answer / basava raju

Never, completion of testing is subjective decision based
on gut feeling of the tester/test manager. We stop testing
when it becomes uneconomical to find bugs in the product
and it does'nt mean that there will not be any more bugs.
This is true as per theory as well as in practice.

Customer starts testing when tester stops it..... it is a
never ending story.....

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Is 100% Coverage is possible in Testing ?..

Answer / khushwant singh

no.....100% testing is not applicable on any product .....

becoz we can do or emphasize our concepts on the product
but we are not assure that whether they complitely satisfy
all the criteria ...


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