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What is Row Chaining ?

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What is Row Chaining ?..

Answer / orawhiz

In Circumstances, all of the data for a row in a table may
not be able to fit in the same data block. When this occurs
, the data for the row is stored in a chain of data block
(one or more) reserved for that segment.

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What is Row Chaining ?..

Answer / dinesh

yes that's correct

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What is Row Chaining ?..

Answer / pabitra kumar khatoi

In Row chaining basically it happens on the pctused case.
I.e for row insertion case. IF the insert(required) row
size is greater than the available row size then the value
will go to next row . Similarly again if the next row size
is greater than the available row size then the value will
go to next row in a CHAINED manner.That is called Row-

So there is a view called DBA_tables/USER_tables we can get
the column name avg-row_length and chain_cnt .
In the above cloumn we can get the no of row

This is the concept of ROW chaining..

If this happen then we can reorg the object.

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