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Cap Gemini SAP Basis Interview Questions
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Tell about dbrefresh?

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how do u configure cua?

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what is role of sap administrator in pi & ep?


suppose all the background jobs are running under a background user with a user name. now the user regin the job how can we run the background jobs without him pls anyone help me thanks in advance

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In operation modes i have schedule some jobs in off peak but the jobs are not completed with in time of off peak what happen at this time whether they wait until jobs complet or change to peak mode ? off peak time interval is from 6.0 pm to 6.0 am and peak time interval is from 6.0 am to 6.0 pm

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In nw7.1 the Jstart program is requied to start the central instance

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can anyone tellme java instance startup sequence?

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if we execute r3trans -d in command prompt, it will give return code , but where it will generates log file? please tell me the path of the log file.

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User has scheduled a Background Job, he wants that background job to run faster. How to speedup the background job process?

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How to check whether the Transport Request is running or not at OS level?

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difference between composite role and derived role

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What is the purpose of table T000?

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Cap Gemini SAP Basis Interview Questions

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