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Cap Gemini SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions
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How the system will find a House bank in APP? I want to run the program if more than two house banks. Then how system will allot the vendor line items to different banks?

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How to post a raw material in two different G/L accounts? when the material procured from domestic and foriegn.

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what is cost object

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you can creat for any openitem, you are not selecting for the open itemin FS00,after one month,you can select for openitem

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what is contry chart of a/c? where is assign? T.CODE? WHICH PERPOSE your assign it,and what is the group chart of accoutns?where is assign? T.CODE? WHICH PERPOSE your assign it?

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in our sap 4 special period is avaible,(it is used by the repoting purpose), but this 4 special period posting for the MM ENTIRES, CAN YOU TEL ME GOOD exp

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The dunning for the 4 invoices is avilble, for 4 invoice for the 3 levels complted , 5 th invoice is also dunning progarm is calc how ? you can not understand for query plz send my mail

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what is distribution, and what is assesment

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what is SD Cycle plz entries and where the start for the gernal entires and t.code

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what is open item management? Can i change reconciliation account while posting transaction? if my client require what to do?

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What is the t-code to see the error message list in sap?

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what is meant by special depreciation area

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Hai anybody can tell me what's the answer. A} what account group and what does it control. b} how do you control field status of gl master records and from where do you control.

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in which process vendor data are uploaded in bdc

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Cap Gemini SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Interview Questions

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