What is the t-code to see the error message list in sap?

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Answer / pankaj a bhalerao

T code to see the error message in list SE91.

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Answer / roy s chereath

/nSE91 is for Maintaining message classes. How does it show
you error message list

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Answer / seenukuru@gmail.com

You can see the SAP error message details through SAP transaction code: SE91

In SAP FI Module, you can control the SAP error message number through SAP transaction code: OBA5

Normally SAP message numbers are issued like AA165

First two digits (alpha) is called application area next digits are called message number

Sometimes, you may not be able to see the SAP messages in SAP transaction code: OBA5, in such case you need to go to OBMSG transaction code and include the message number to your application area, then you need to come to back to OBA5 to make it information / warning / switch off / error (as the case may be).

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Answer / sunny balyan


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Answer / prasad

/nsm12 we can the errors list in sap

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Answer / anil.kuruva


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Answer / sheshmi ali

Transaction Code :SU53

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