I have a value prompt in my prompt page.Now if I set the
filter to required then I have to select a value from the
list and I will get the respective data in the report
page.But If I select nothing then I will get the complete
data in the report page.
I want that if I select nothing from the prompt list then
nothing is displayed in my report page.
How should I do this?

I have a value prompt in my prompt page.Now if I set the filter to required then I have to select ..

Answer / naresh

For this , you have to make static prompt values.

while making static prompt values create one empty value this will gives no data when you run the report with no value.

But generally ,

If you are making filter is required , while running it won't highlight the Finish button if you are not selecting value,so without selecting values you cannot run the report.

If you are making filter is Optional means it will consider no prompt/filter if no value selected from prompt, it will allow to run the report.

So based on above two cases , second case is not preferable to run the report.

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