hi iam working in HCL as a fresher n iam dg automation
i am going to give client demo
i did some 7 scripts
i want to call all those in some new page in QTP
if we use any of these options while running it will show
the whole script
but is there any other method while running it should not
show the whole script
it will show only the calling lines
plz give me detailed explanation to ds
i need reply fast

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Answer / abhay

there is an option to select with option to end with to
hide the script.
As far as Cal has concern CALL funtion is possible for QTP
or WinRunner script and you may hide the total content of
the fuction. Because these are written some where else.

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Answer / rayudu

It is better to use "Functions" in your case instead of
Actions. Or else you can use Test Batch runner or Silent
test runner

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