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Cap Gemini DB2 Interview Questions
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How to resolve -917 sql code in DB2?

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How to resolve -407 sql code in DB2?

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How to resolve -504 sql code in DB2?

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what is the difference between normal select query and currosor

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What is the use of DELGEN in DB2? Can we Write the program with out using it?

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What are the abend codes occour in ur latest PROJECT in DB2

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Return code 100 means?

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What is the use of COMMAREA ?Minimum how much data we can pass from it?

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i have an employment table whch has salary,dept,name? i want salary b/w 1000 to 5000 can anyone pls say the query for ths ?

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what is main use of table space and index object? please its urgent

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Suppose we are doing transaction in a table and abend happened in between. Suppose i have completed the transaction upto X rows and I want to start the transaction again where the abend happened. I don't want to do the transaction from the first record. Then what i have to do.

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how many bytes timestamp token occupies?

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what is the differences between spufi and qmf and which is better?

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How can you display the current date & current time ?

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How can you display the current date & current time ?

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Cap Gemini DB2 Interview Questions

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