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Cap Gemini SAP Security Interview Questions
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How to find the roles which are not contains profiles

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We have one request to modify role(adding field value in auth. object) and we have added it. when transporting that role, getting error "role XXXXX type is undetermined" can any body please suggest, how to fix this issue?

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How to add a new tcode to 1000 roles at a time?

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Some User has made changes to Tables in SAP. How to identify that user?

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How to hide SAP user menu or Role Menu from end user?

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When transporting a role. What table & table data gets transported. Exact table names please?

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If we have UK roles in our system and we want to find the AUS australian role how you will find the same

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How to assign any program to user?


How many profiles we can add to role and if already user has 312 profiles the, how will you provide more profile to user?

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Cap Gemini SAP Security Interview Questions

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