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Cap Gemini SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions
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In subcontracting process, BOM is created for a material.Though PO created for same material,BOM do not trigger in PO, why?

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Without filling this fields we can not create material in material master record(in views only) ?

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What controls the order in which the approval must take place?

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What is Stock Type for RTP (Returnable Transport Packaging?

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The customer has a requirement to cancel the release of the PO in case of price change in the PO after the approval. Which one of the indicator plays an important role?

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What can be triggered by a GR?

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consider the valuation type ABC and XYZ both have stock stored locations. the total stock in the plant is 100 . following information is given below for both valuation type . for valuation type ABC quantity is 30 and MAP is 3.00 for valuation type XYZ quantity is 70 and stock storage price is 6.00 what is the value of average price?

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Cap Gemini SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions

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