What is the diffrence between Multiload & Fastload interms
of Performance?

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Answer / shubhangi

Fastload is used to load empty tables and is very fast, can
load one table at a time.

Multiload can load at max 5 tbls at a time and can also
update and delete the data.

Fastload can be used only for inserting data, not updating
and deleting.

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Answer / kumar

Multiload can at max 5 tables with non unique secondary
indexes on them. where as in fastload u cannot have
secondary indexes on the table.

In multiload you can insert,update or delete data in
already populated tables whereas in fastload the target
table should be empty.

Multiload works in 5 phases whereas fastload works in two

If we want to load data into an empty table then fastload
is best option as compared to multiload.

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Answer / raj

multiset table will allow duplication eventhough if you
load it into fastload it wont allow duplication

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Answer / yuvaevergreen

In terms of speed, fastload would be suitable than mload for
loading an empty table.
But when it comes to multiset tables, mload would be a
better option.
Mload allows use of aggregated values whereas fastload does not.

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Answer / gaurav

Fast load v/s Multi Load
1) FL insert data into empty table ML insert/update/delete
data in populated tables
2) FL one table ML upto 5 tables.
3) FL loads into empty table ML loads into Populated table.
4) FL no SI allowed in ML NUSI is allowed.
5) FL is 2 step ML is 5 step.
6) FL no multiset tables allowed ML multiset table is allowed.

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Answer / chinna

Compare to FastLoad Multiload is slower But loads into
Multiple Tables with different DML Operations.Multiload
suports maximum 20 DML Operations.multiload slowdown
operation of AMP.There is no Trasand Journal
Overhead.Multiload Maximum 15 Multiload scripts run at a
time.Multiload supports duplicates also

FastLOad loads data into empty tables.it loads only one
table at a time.compare to all utiities it is faster.it
can't load the duplicates(either multiset NUPI).it loads
the error data into error tables.fastload fastload does
insert operation between Begin and endloading statements.

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Answer / yuvaevergreen

For a given empty SET table and input file with same no of
rows, FLOAD is faster than MLOAD.

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Answer / tdguy

FLOAD is faster than MLOAD for an empty SET table.

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