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Interview Questions :: SAP MM (Material Management)Posted By : jaydev

:Q: when we doing migo storage location option not display

Interview Questions :: L1 VisaPosted By : venkat

:Q: I am having 28 years of work experience and of which for the last 21 years working with same company which has branches world wide. Now my company is iniatining L1B visa for me . My education back ground is ITI+B.Com+Post Graduation in International Business. I am Technical line. Will my education be problem for L1 B VISA.

Interview Questions :: Funny Interview QuestionsPosted By : padmas

:Q: When we have 24hour a day, why do we have to have 12hour a day clock design.

Interview Questions :: Manual TestingPosted By : padmas

:Q: The Test strategy, in Test Plan document must be changed according to the type of test to be conducted. The main reason could be,

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : sudip

:Q: How much sand and cement requirement for 1 SQM 125mm thickness Brickwork

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : deepak pal

:Q: DG cranking voltage?

Interview Questions :: Chemical EngineeringPosted By : nandini m

:Q: Corenuts technology interview questions

Interview Questions :: JCLPosted By : priya110842

:Q: What is one line to pass PARM from JCL to COBOL?

Interview Questions :: JCLPosted By : priya110842

:Q: Step 1 RC 4 Step 2 Step 3 I want to know the COND parameter which can be coded in step 2 or 3. Step 2 should be executed based on Step 1 RC and Step 3 should not be executed based on step 1's RC

Interview Questions :: COBOLPosted By : priya110842

:Q: How to traceback if I am getting SOC7 or SOC4 abend? List down the steps

Interview Questions :: InformaticaPosted By : lokesh kumar

:Q: Difference between task flow and linear task flow

Interview Questions :: InformaticaPosted By : lokesh kumar

:Q: Q. In source area, it is use complex query we have using 5 to 10 table we has been join now all join clolumn having indexes but still we having performance issue. how to fix the performnce issue of the query.

Interview Questions :: InformaticaPosted By : lokesh kumar

:Q: Q. Informatica workflow, it is running beyond two hours for last couple of runs, normally it completed less then 30 min., hardly 40 min, last couple of run crossing 2 hours and more in that workflow only one session. now it is aasign to you that how to idenitfy the performance issue of the sesion of production.

Interview Questions :: InformaticaPosted By : lokesh kumar

:Q: Q. source having mutile depatment of data, dept1, dept2 ....dept10 today. we have mutilple depts in source, we need to generate dept1, dept2 and multile files in target side. today we have 10 dept which have 10 files, tommorow we have only 4 dept and 4 files, dayafter tommorow we have only 6 all the number of files in the targete file directory it's always dynamic. how can acheive it.

Interview Questions :: InformaticaPosted By : lokesh kumar

:Q: Q. We are the loading the table on daily basis it is incremental loading. and A person rahul slary was 10000, so if i check before run my salalr is 10000. but toay there is update that my sal is 15k but that will come to know after the load. braod crtiteria is we donot want to show downstream teams partial updated data. need aproad as etl developer

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Interview Questions :: Funny Interview Questions Posted By : padmas

:Q: what is applet?

A :: Applet is a piece of program that runs in any web browser.

Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : anmol

:Q: 1)What is the total volume of aggregates required for hard concrete? 2)What is total mass of wet concrte and dry concrete after 28 days of M25? 3) Is 28 days strength is the final strength of concrete or it gets increasing as the time period increses.? 4)What is the volumetric proportion of concrete grade of M25.M30,M35,M40

A :: 1:1:2

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : vikash

:Q: Tell me how did you spend your last weekend.

A :: This past weekend was fantastic! The highlight was visiting my sister's house. We spent a lot of quality time together. We went to the market and bought some clothes, cosmetics, and other things. Afterward, we grabbed pizza and drinks at Pizza Hut. In the evening, we returned home and relaxed with the family by watching TV. Around 8 pm, we had a nice chat, followed by dinner at 9:30 pm. After dinner, I enjoyed some games on my PC before calling it a night around 11 o'clock.

Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : dr. bogi srinu

:Q: mean of NH4 pipe

A :: the mean ammonium pipe is combination of ammonia and ammonium ion

Interview Questions :: Civil Engineering Posted By : kriti raj

:Q: diffrence between mjb & mnb

A :: The bridge that's length is more than 6 m and less than 60 m is known as Minnor bridge. And the bridge that's length is more than 60 m is called major bridge.

Interview Questions :: HR Questions Posted By : padmas

:Q: what is your expectation in terms of salary?

A :: Above the normal salaried offered to the employees.

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : padmas

:Q: why are u not go for teaching prof.

A :: If offer comes to fulfil it definitely will accept it based on suitable factors.

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : padmas

:Q: bangalore traffic for 5 mins

A :: On 'holidays or working days?' is not mentioned in the question. moreover, traffic for five minutes or need to discuss about traffic for five minutes or solution or shortcuts etc., incomplete question. why Bangalore traffic? Why not somewhere else? Discussion about opinion, experience etc.., must be specified clearly.

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : padmas

:Q: why should i hire u?

A :: This could be the question mostly asked just before confirming the offer to the suitable candidate, resource completed all the rounds of interviews by the panel, looking against job description and role and responsibilities the one needs to carry on during their tenure on the job within in given organization, mostly when more resources are available, suitable for same gets hired for sometimes, then gets recruitment is done.

Interview Questions :: HR Questions Posted By : padmas

:Q: Tell about your role in project u did?

A :: Roles and its responsibilities depend on each organization's hierarchy of responsibilities.


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