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Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringPosted By : sampath

:Q: mechanical question for the insrumentation

Interview Questions :: Analytical ChemistryPosted By : mann308

:Q: Why we use potassium dichromate in uv calibration Exact reason behind it??

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : cbisoyi

:Q: How much quantity of rod binding work by a rod binder per day

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : dhanashekhar

:Q: Why wind turbines wheels rotate constantly

Interview Questions :: Everything Else AllOtherPosted By : ella

:Q: How to get a high quality game mouse

Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringPosted By : waseem iqbal

:Q: DAE Mechanical engineering interview questions

Interview Questions :: Manual TestingPosted By : rashmi

:Q: can you show me the test cases on registration form

Interview Questions :: Interior DesignPosted By : pradeep dodiya

:Q: Required all material and labour rate analysis 4" brick wall 12mm plaster 12mm pop punning 4" pcc full ht storage low hight storage laminate panelling veneer panelling 3" gypsum partition gypsum ceiling vitrified tiles 2nd quality laminate partition veneer partition brick bat coba italian marbles

Interview Questions :: Interior DesignPosted By : pradeep dodiya

:Q: one litter waterproofing chemical for toilet how much area to be covered

Interview Questions :: C CodePosted By :

:Q: int a=1; printf("%d %d %d",a++,a++,a); need o/p in 'c' and what explanation too

Interview Questions :: SASPosted By : anosh justin

:Q: What is the maximum and minimum length of macro variable

Interview Questions :: Placement PapersPosted By : irham adipati

:Q: your project to describe and tell about : 1. My favorite things 2. My favorite places at home 3. Animals *Choose one of them to describe *Write on your paper *If you done, Send me *Did you get it

Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringPosted By : naren

:Q: I m having skype interview with germany team what are the common questions asked?

Interview Questions :: Analytical ChemistryPosted By : shankarsnd

:Q: What is the limit for single maximum impurity limit as per USP??

Interview Questions :: CISA CertificationPosted By : hyderabad

:Q: Which of these has the potential to improve security incident response processes? A. Review the incident response procedures. B. Post-mortem or post-event reviews by the security team. C. Getting the hot-site ready. D. Reviw the BCP plan every six months

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Interview Questions :: Power Plant Engineering Posted By : mayur mukaty

:Q: We know primary ,secondary air so, What is the work of Tertiary air in Thermal power plant

A :: Tertiary air is used to control LOI. But Its depends upon Coal Fines %.Boiler operator on there own Experience adjust Air ratio to lower down This Parameters. But using Tertiary air instant of SA and PA. Otherwise Boiler is heavily disturb

Interview Questions :: Power Plant Engineering Posted By : mayur mukaty

:Q: In one plant id fan and fd fan are used for boiler. boiler is used to heat water after some days they install one tank to heat water by hot flue gases coming out from boiler and then hot flue gases are used to heat the air coming from fd fan before leaving out from chimney . but hot flue gases are not coming out from id fan what might be the reason?

A :: APH outer air is not more than 140 c and less than 130 c because of Sulphur due point.if APH efficiency goes down due to Soots deposit APH boiler outlet temp goes Increase on other side failure of Design or High CV fual feed to boiler also raised outlet temp. So that management decide for Recover heat by Heating of feed water that is thumb rule when you increase 3 c of feed water temp 1% increase Boiler efficiency. When you calculate Money terms you save lots of money

Interview Questions :: Power Plant Engineering Posted By : mayur mukaty

:Q: thermal power plants in steam using inlet of turbine.inlet of turbine pressure and flow is same as boiler feedpump why not use direct to turbine?

A :: Specific heat of Water and super heated steam is different. turbine design Is so that it give max output with minimal Heat energy. As well Steam turbine Operation is base upon conversation of Thermal energy to Kinetic Energy. So come to point when We Direct put Water in to the turbine is Power consumption is so equally to Turbii Output that why its not fisible. Another thing is that compressibility factor but i did not go on that concern because It too long. term

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By :

:Q: Tell me the story of the last movie u saw?

A :: I have recently seen a movie name is ' kuch kuch hota hai'.It is old movie but I have seen it recently.Shaharukh Khan has played lead role in this movie.Kajol and shahrukh shan both are my favourite super stars.Main story begin here ,Kajol and shaharukh both are studied in same college .They play baseball in there free time .One day shakukh Khan cheates Kajol .She angry on him.They teased eachother and fall in love with each other .The main thing is Kajol likes shakukh but shahrukh doesnot likes kajole.Shaharukh is always in a dream of kajole.Kajole is in a big misunderstanding that he is in love with her.Kajol has decided to propose shakukh Khan.She proposes him.He saied clearly to Kajol, he doesnot like Kajol.They breakup and after some years Kajol gets her life patner and shaharukh also.At the end of the movie they live happy with there life partner.Moral of the story you will get what you want but keep some patience.

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By :

:Q: tell me about ur daly routine

A :: I wake up at 6 o clock.Then I do exersize.after that I brush my teeth and take a morning tea .Then go for bath.had dinner .then take a neap everyday.get up at 4 pm.take a evening snaks then plant the trees everyday.After that go outside for walk . I Bring some vegetables and fruits then wash the vegetables and cut it .make a dinner at 7 pm .eat dinner at 9 o clock.Watch tv serial for an hour then I go to the bed and say thanks to God for a beautiful day.

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By :

:Q: Describe your yesterday

A :: yesterday i woke up at 8.00 am.I brushed my teeth and took bath.Had breakfast .Made lunch.then called my friend .He came to my house .We ate lunch together then We watched movie on television.At 5 o'clock we went for outing and buy some fruits and vegetables.He went his house and I came to my house .Took a slip of tea.After that I was sanatised all the vegatables.looked into the mobile.ate dinner and got sleep .It was a great day.

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By :

:Q: Who has influenced you the most? How? speak for 2 minutes 

A :: I have influenced with my fiance.My fiance is very good person.I have learn a lots of good things from him.When i saw him first time I was thinking " he has a shy person" but now i realise he is good peson.He is my inspiration .He is good in nature. He isnot that much talkative .I have been chatting with him for last 2 years. pls forgive me if i have made any mistake

Interview Questions :: Oracle Apps Technical Posted By : b krishnaprasad

:Q: Please let me know the differance between Master Item and organization Item in Inventory.

A :: If you define one item as a Master Item , it can have the access across globally. Means you can query this item from any inventory organization. But when you define any item as a Organization Item , you can have access only to that particular inventory Org. Please go through the below example: 1. If we create any item(TestMasterItem1) as Master , you can query from all inventory Org's. 2. If we create item(USINVItem) as organization item , you can query only from the US Inventory Organization , not for other inventory Org's like Canada Inventory Org, Japan Inventory Org.

Interview Questions :: Power Plant Engineering Posted By : powerplant.calculations

:Q: what is need of primary water system in power plant?

A :: Water is basically the combination of 2 parts of Hydrogen & 1 part of Oxygen. It is very impossible to get pure water in the nature . Pure water does not exist in nature due to its characteristic as solvent. Number of matters like gases, minerals and organic materials dissolve in the water easily. Water mixes with fine particles wherever it flows such as silt, sand, iron,mud & organics etc. Biological growths like algae & bacteria take place in the water. Thus, water is usually contaminated with dissolved & un-dissolved solids along with living matters! Raw Water sources in nature: Rain water: Surface water:Rivers, Streams, Ponds, Lakes, and Reservoirs Ground water :Springs, Shallow Wells and Deep Wells Refer the link for more information

Interview Questions :: Taxation Posted By : jana

:Q: what is the meaning of A/C 1, A/C 20, A/C 21, A/C 22 in PF

A :: Yes


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