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Interview Questions :: COBOLPosted By : ravinai

:Q: write a cobol logic. i have file that has 10 records .1 record go to first output file and second record goes to 2 output and etc

Interview Questions :: Risk AnalysisPosted By : ravinai

:Q: i have array that contain 100 records but i want read 1 to 10 only in cobol?

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : madnan12


Interview Questions :: Ab InitioPosted By : madhu kumari

:Q: What will be the skew for, input file->partition by key-> partition by round robin->output file

Interview Questions :: Ab InitioPosted By : madhu kumari

:Q: What will be the output of using partition by Round-Robin after the partiton by key in ab initio?

Interview Questions :: SAP SecurityPosted By :

:Q: How to know the total no. of users in particular plant in sap?

Interview Questions :: General AptitudePosted By : ranjith

:Q: I can get the placements for sunera tech for aptitude

Interview Questions :: SAP SD (Sales & Distribution)Posted By : abhi

:Q: In back order process system follows backward scheduling or forward scheduling? please give ur valuable answers

Interview Questions :: SAP MM (Material Management)Posted By : ankur

:Q: what is access number in access sequence how do we define that ?

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : praveenmaddy

:Q: a 230v transformer with step down ratio has 2000turns on primary and rated 25va calculate max primary current no of secondary turns volts/turn

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : praveenmaddy

:Q: Draw a SLD for main panel for school having connected load of 1200kw and emergency generator 200kw.also show the increase of additional load of chiller 225kw in the lv panel indicating meter postion size of transformer ,cables and capacitor bank.

Interview Questions :: InstrumentationPosted By : ramlakhan sahu

:Q: Pressure transmitter working Principles?

Interview Questions :: InstrumentationPosted By : ramlakhan sahu

:Q: How to convert mmWc(mili meter water colam) to tph(ton per hour)?

Interview Questions :: InstrumentationPosted By : ramlakhan sahu

:Q: Why are the uses 24vdc in industries

Interview Questions :: Placement PapersPosted By : ria

:Q: A frog wants to climb a pole which is 15 feet in height, frog can jump 3 feet every minute after which he rests for a minute where he slips down 2 feet. How much time will the frog take to reach the top of the pole?

New Answers

Interview Questions :: Placement Papers Posted By : sananth kumar

:Q: electrical and electronics engineering

A :: I am will look engineer working global active.....

Interview Questions :: Test Cases Posted By : kn

:Q: Write test cases to check the functionality of the shopping cart of an e-commerce website

A :: second tab wont be updated

Interview Questions :: General Knowledge_Current Affairs Posted By : sangeeta naik

:Q: Which of the following ocean currents is popularly known as “Warm Blanket” of Europe? 1 Beneguela Current 2 Canaries Current 3 Gulf Stream 4 West Wind Drift

A :: Beneguela Current

Interview Questions :: General Aptitude Posted By : nivedita

:Q: An orange vendor makes a profit of 20 % by selling oranges at a certain price. If he charges Rs. 1.2 higher per orange he would gain 40 %. Find the original price at which he sold an orange.

A :: Original price = x Initial selling price = 1.2x New selling price = 1.2x+1.2 Profit = 0.4= (1.2x+1.2)-x /x 0.4x=0.2x + 1.2 0.2x = 1.2 x = 6 The original price at which he sold an orange is 6 bucks.

Interview Questions :: IBM AS400 AllOther Posted By : sagar sakpal

:Q: what is library?

A :: Library is one kind of repository for all the object in AS400.

Interview Questions :: IBM AS400 AllOther Posted By : sagar sakpal

:Q: what are two types of record are used in subfile?

A :: Subfile record format Subfile control record format

Interview Questions :: IBM AS400 AllOther Posted By : sagar sakpal

:Q: what are the different types of arrays?

A :: Run time array Compile time array Pre runtime array

Interview Questions :: ASP.NET Posted By : abhimanyu gharami

:Q: What are the various types of authentication?

A :: I want do a job I have done bachelor's degree in bharampur university

Interview Questions :: SQL PLSQL Posted By : pallispidi

:Q: What is the difference between left join and left outer join?

A :: There really is no difference between a LEFT JOIN and a LEFT OUTER JOIN. Both versions of the syntax will produce the exact same result.

Interview Questions :: C Posted By : alex chogo

:Q: 2. Write a function called hms_to_secs() that takes three int values&#8212;for hours, minutes, and seconds&#8212;as arguments, and returns the equivalent time in seconds.. Create a program that exercises this function by repeatedly obtaining a time value in hours, minutes, and seconds from the user (format 12:59:59), calling the function, and displaying the value of seconds it returns.

A :: #include<iostream> using namespace std; long hms_to_sec(int hr,int mn, int sec); int main() { int hr,mn,sec; cout<<hms_to_sec(hr,mn,sec); return 0; } long hms_to_sec(int hr,int mn, int sec) { cout << "please enter hr, min, and sec" << endl; cin >> hr>> mn>> sec; return (hr*60*60)+(mn*60)+ sec; }


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