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Interview Questions :: SAP BasisPosted By : mahender chinthala

:Q: How to move data and cofiles from Sandbox

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOtherPosted By : gayathree mary

:Q: I see myself as a passionate, professional and dedicated employee, and prospects like high-pressure deadlines,

Interview Questions :: Manual TestingPosted By : dhanajyothi v

:Q: How to do cards Testing? And give sample test cases please? And tell me about vision plus card?

Interview Questions :: GATEPosted By : reeves

:Q: ben finishes his work in 8 days. frank works 3 times faster than ben.james works 5 times faster than ben.How many days will it take for them to finish the job together?

Interview Questions :: H1B VisaPosted By : dileep

:Q: How much an H-1B visa, green card will cost for US immigration

Interview Questions :: General AptitudePosted By : soumyadip pul

:Q: Lowest sum of three odd number

Interview Questions :: Energy Oil GasPosted By : manuel

:Q: can I replace a gas re-igniter that uses 30mA with one that uses 15mA

Interview Questions :: Chemical EngineeringPosted By : sherin

:Q: i want to knowwhat kind of questions in interview in adnoc?

Interview Questions :: SAP MM (Material Management)Posted By : volker schubert

:Q: How to use for pickup termination with external sourcing a different Factory Calendar than used in plant masterdata ?

Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringPosted By : harish

:Q: Titan Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

Interview Questions :: USA Student Visa F1 VisaPosted By : umesh kawar

:Q: Why you choose BBA after taking science in your high school??

Interview Questions :: Electronics CommunicationsPosted By : b sai sneha

:Q: Technical paper's of ECE

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : a

:Q: What is the amount of work done by a carpenter, bar Bender and plaster Mason in interior and exterior plaster

Interview Questions :: COBOLPosted By : dinesh

:Q: How to fetch 1000 error records from VSAM file(Eg: 1000000 records present) while getting SOC7 abend ?

Interview Questions :: Ab InitioPosted By : anjali__

:Q: how to insert/update a csv file by comparing it with another csv file?

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Interview Questions :: Analytical Chemistry Posted By : madhav

:Q: are there in uv lamb that is chractrestic for wavelenghth 205 nm ?????

A :: low-pressure mercury lamps . They use mercury vapor to produce ultraviolet light, with the peak emission being at 254 nm and a secondary peak at 205 nm.

Interview Questions :: SAP Basis Posted By : mahender chinthala

:Q: How to move data and cofiles from Sandbox

A :: copy your data and cofiles of source system to data and cofiles of target system. then logon to your target system, execute transaction STMS, choose the system you want to import into (from your landscape), you should have the buffer of your target system displayed. Choose Extras --> Other Requests --> then add your request (type it in). The transport should now be on your buffer (target system). You can then treat it like any other transport. the best is to do it on your Dev first (for the target system landscape), then transport across as usual. That should do it.

Interview Questions :: Analytical Chemistry Posted By : praveen kumar (ipca ranu)

:Q: what is peak purity and its formula

A :: Peak purity refers to the degree of separation between two peaks in a chromatogram, which is a graphical representation of the components in a sample as they elute from a column in HPLC.

Interview Questions :: Electronics Communications Posted By : aswini

:Q: what is the difference between microcontroller and microprocessor

A :: Micro processor means it contains only cpu and all other pheripherals connected externally. But, In Micro Controller it contains all the pheripherals internally, it means all the pheripherals are in-bulit . so simply we can tell micro controller is sigle integrated circuit. So the micro controller size is less compared to processor and micro controller is less flexiable comapred to processor beacuse all the pheripherals are in-buit.

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : jeevan

:Q: What is meant by soft starter used in motors?

A :: soft starter is used to reduce the starting current by controlling the applied voltage with the use of thyristors connected in antiparallel. but speed cannot be controlled as of VFD. once the full voltage applied at certain acceleration period, bypass contactor would be energized to avoid thyristor drop during operation.

Interview Questions :: SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) Posted By : g s prashanth

:Q: How do you inform employees about the work that they have to do as part of delivery and packing specifications?

A :: Warehouse order with a sequence of warehouse tasks.

Interview Questions :: SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) Posted By : g s prashanth

:Q: What is cross docking in sap ewm system? Why do we use cross docking?

A :: CD is the lean supply chain model where it involves the immediate or fast transfer of goods form the supplier to the manufacturer/customer/ retailer without handling and storage. CD can be used to consume less time.

Interview Questions :: SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) Posted By : g s prashanth

:Q: How sap erp system communicates with extended warehouse management or cm with apo system?

A :: CIF & Qrfc

Interview Questions :: SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) Posted By : g s prashanth

:Q: What are the different components in a value added order?

A :: order header, VAS Activities to be performed, items, auxiliary products

Interview Questions :: SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) Posted By : g s prashanth

:Q: What is storage control?

A :: storage control is used to determine the product movement in the warehouse. eg: POSC, LOSC


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