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Interview Questions :: RPG400Posted By : raji

:Q: How do u design a physical file, when you have 2 Unique fields like for eg in A student file student ID and student examination no both are unique

Interview Questions :: RPG400Posted By : raji

:Q: Can a indexed file be accessed in arrival sequence in RPG?

Interview Questions :: Marine EngineeringPosted By : nikhil kumarr bhattacharya

:Q: L&T Marine Aptitude Questions & Answers

Interview Questions :: USA Student Visa F1 VisaPosted By : jyotikoirala

:Q: Why you choosed Business administration when you have completed high school in science?

Interview Questions :: USA Student Visa F1 VisaPosted By : jyotikoirala

:Q: Why do you choose bachelor in business administration major?

Interview Questions :: USA Student Visa F1 VisaPosted By : ज्योती

:Q: what is your plan after graduation for business administration major?

Interview Questions :: Business AdministrationPosted By : ज्योती

:Q: why you want do business administration and management in Us?

Interview Questions :: Business AdministrationPosted By : jyoti

:Q: Why you are choosing BBA when you have done science in high school?

Interview Questions :: InformaticaPosted By : yamini ayyavarisetty

:Q: IN SCD1, insource we have 10 billion records and in the first day its uploaded successfully and in the second day its taking time to upload because some records it might get update or insert new records. As a developer what will be the better solution for this??

Interview Questions :: Everything Else AllOtherPosted By : anamul.t100

:Q: Interviewer: This is a phone/pen. How you will sell this item to me?

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : hasan alzoubi

:Q: for hipot test on 33kV busbar, we will test on 70 kV or 56kV, what is the acceptable leackage current?

Interview Questions :: Industrial ManagementPosted By : jrspipesandtubes

:Q: What is the difference between ERW & Seamless Pipe?

Interview Questions :: Mechanical EngineeringPosted By : justine

:Q: How is the aptitute test done

Interview Questions :: JCLPosted By : jaya

:Q: Can we change a FB file to VB file in JCL? Please help

Interview Questions :: COBOLPosted By : jaya

:Q: Can we move X(7) to S9(7) COMP?

New Answers

Interview Questions :: Oracle Apps Financial Posted By : prashantsahu2724

:Q: I have requirement where the Invoice given by supplier is in USD, but the payment can be done in GBP. Is it possible in AP?

A :: Not possible (even from MRC) you have to create invoice with gbp then make payment. Cross currency payment is possible in oracle fusion but ont in R12

Interview Questions :: General Chemistry Posted By : mayank patel

:Q: How are specific gravity and density related?

A :: The density of the material is defined as mass per unit volume, typically measured in kg/m3. ... Unlike density, specific weight is not a fixed property of a material. It depends on the value of the gravitational acceleration, which varies with location

Interview Questions :: Accounting General Posted By : kunal goswami

:Q: What is the journal entry for sundry debtors

A :: so when you sell something and you will receive money from others = sundry debtors and when you purchased something and you have to pay them back = sundry creditors so for example *purchased goods from X on credit* transaction should be purchase a/c ..............dr to sundry creditors a/c sold goods to X on debit transaction should be sundry debtors a/c.............dr to sales a/c sales a/c always comes under credit and purchase a/c always comes under debit

Interview Questions :: SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Posted By : syed

:Q: Hi guys. When ever i want to delete the assignment Plant to shipping point i am unable to do that. System shows me "shipping point 0001 is still assigned to a picking location. How can i rectify this problem. Pls tell me. Thanks

A :: First delete the required combination from picking location determination by using the transaction code OVL3 then delete the plant and shipping point assignment. system should allow with out any error message

Interview Questions :: SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Posted By : syed

:Q: Lost tax field in customer master and material master I do not know why the tax field in the customer master and material master is hidden. This field is not suppressed in customer master. How do I make this field appear?

A :: Assign Tax condition type to Country. Tax field details would appear in the customer master and material master.

Interview Questions :: SAP ABAP Posted By : nitesh kohli

:Q: i have 3 screens say S1,S2,S3 and i want to validate only S3.What code shud i write in the flowlogic of the screen??

A :: Chain and endchain is used to validate when you have group of fields but in this case you have to validate only s3. Field<fieldname> module <modulename>

Interview Questions :: IBM AS400 AllOther Posted By : jk

:Q: What is the purpose of "A CSRLOC (F1ROW F1COL)"?

A :: CSRLOC() It gets the ROW/COLUMN information from the display to the program in corresponding variables.

Interview Questions :: Accounting General Posted By : sajad108

:Q: Rs.5000 paid school fees of Director's son. pass the journal entry


Interview Questions :: RPG400 Posted By : bhargav

:Q: i want to perform uniqness on db file bt my db file nt hving key by useing rpgle.

A :: Assigning non-numeric values to NUMERIC field.

Interview Questions :: DB Development Posted By : ajitnayak

:Q: how to find the first two highest salaries in deptno in emp table

A :: select e.* from emp e where rownum < 3 order by e.sal desc ;


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