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Interview Questions :: SAP MM (Material Management)Posted By : amit

:Q: please share me latest sap mm interview questions asked in different mnc

Interview Questions :: COBOLPosted By : indumathi

:Q: 2 input fles: 2 flat files, with different number of records. both are having unique key for each record and already sorted in ascending order . match these files using unique key and in output only matching key value has to be written. please procide cobol logic

Interview Questions :: PythonPosted By : ranevaibhavjtm

:Q: I am from non technical Background. In how many days I can learn the python? and What I need to do for that?

Interview Questions :: AuditPosted By : sunil

:Q: How to reconcile GST Tally and GST Portal ?

Interview Questions :: Industrial ManagementPosted By : jrsironandsteel

:Q: Who is Reliable HR Coil Wholesalers?

Interview Questions :: Industrial ManagementPosted By : jrsironandsteel

:Q: why JRS Iron and Steel Pvt. Ltd. is the go-to choice for Hollow Section Dealers.

Interview Questions :: InstrumentationPosted By : tvo11780

:Q: Yokogawa CENTUMVP R6.09 unable to download to Engineering Station with ExaOPC R3.75 The issue is when I try to download the common project section to the Engineering Station (STN) from the HIS in System View, it is unable to connect. The error displayed is: WARNING: Could not connect to equalize destination. (7001) Retrying. Number of retries = 0/1 ERROR: LdXopsLoadMain: connect error 10060 ERROR: Processing terminated due to connection error. (7002) Equalization end with errors. STN0149 ---- ERROR = 2 WARNING = 1 ---- Background: >Updated the ExaOPC software on the STN from 3.60 to 3.75 >STN operating system is Windows Server 2008 R2 >HIS operating system is Windows Server 2016 Stanard Solutions attempted include: >Ensuring all IP addresses are correct and all networked devices can be pinged. >The ability to ping a device using its host name from another device (<ping STN0149> from HIS) >Ensure both devices firewalls are disabled. >The antivirus installed on the STN is disabled. >Ensuring both devices are within the same workgroup. >Added both devices to each other's Host and LMHost files. >Running IT Security tool after changing any administrative settings.

Interview Questions :: Accounting GeneralPosted By : rohit


Interview Questions :: Electronics CommunicationsPosted By : anusha.k

:Q: On what topic questions are asked?

Interview Questions :: AnesthesiologyPosted By : jyoti shrivastava

:Q: How do you collaborate with surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to ensure seamless teamwork and effective communication in the operating room?

Interview Questions :: AnesthesiologyPosted By : rupa

:Q: How do you ensure culturally sensitive anesthesia care, especially when dealing with patients from diverse cultural backgrounds?

Interview Questions :: AnesthesiologyPosted By : shobhit soni

:Q: Describe a situation where you identified a potential safety issue and took proactive measures to prevent an adverse event.

Interview Questions :: AnesthesiologyPosted By : hari har nath mishra

:Q: How do you ensure the quality and safety of anesthesia care, including protocols for medication administration, infection control, and equipment checks?

Interview Questions :: AnesthesiologyPosted By : hari har nath mishra

:Q: How do you approach discussions about advance directives and end-of-life care when providing anesthesia to critically ill patients?

Interview Questions :: AnesthesiologyPosted By : bhaskar narayan

:Q: What ethical challenges may arise in the field of anesthesiology, especially regarding informed consent, pain management, and patient autonomy?

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Interview Questions :: General Aptitude Posted By : kartik

:Q: For 15 people--each has to pay Rs.20.For 20 people--each has to pay Rs.18. For 40 people--how much has each to pay ?

A :: here k is constant 15(k)+x=20*15 20(k)+x=20*18 on solving we get k=12 , x=15*8 thus answer is 15

Interview Questions :: General Knowledge_Current Affairs Posted By : santhosh

:Q: The ?Ramacharita? was composed by: (a) Basubandhu (b) Dingnaga (c) Bhavabhuti (d) Sandhyakar Nandi

A :: D. Sandhyakara nandis

Interview Questions :: SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Posted By : santhosh

:Q: Why do you have different sales document types in r/3?

A :: Every sales.doc will have a specfic features for creating docs Some types of are 1. inquiry 2. Quotation 3. Sales order 4.returns... So on etc

Interview Questions :: SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Posted By : santhosh

:Q: In credit management if horizon period exceeded the warning message will not shown during sales

A :: In credit management We will maintain risk categories based on customer and we will maintain credits groups to block s.doc at various levels in credit mgmt. If the customer risk category is high then only sales order will be blocked.. In the case of medium and low risk categories customers there is no problem to create sales order High risk + credit group 01= block s.doc while creating s.order Medium risk +c.g 02= blocks at delivery level Low risk + c.g 03 = blocks at goods issue stage

Interview Questions :: General Aptitude Posted By : pepepe

:Q: 4_4_4_4 = 20 how ? explain plzzzzzzz. from

A :: 434-413=20

Interview Questions :: Metallurgy Posted By : lavkush pandey

:Q: Explain proeutectoid ferrite

A :: white network structure that precipitates at the grain boundary when hypoeutectoid steel is heated to above A c3 and quenched,

Interview Questions :: SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Posted By : ramu thangella

:Q: For one company code max how many chart of accounts can we assign?

A :: We Can assign three chat of accounts to a company code three type of chat of accounts 1 operational chat of accounts ( mandatory chat of accounts ) 2 group chat of accounts (optional chat of accounts ) 3 country specific chat of accounts group and country specific are used to depending on business requirement

Interview Questions :: Puzzles Posted By : talal

:Q: 4_4_4_4 = 20, what sign should be in _ (dash)fileds((+,-,/,*))

A :: 4-4-4-=20 how?

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : abdul wahab

:Q: Dear all i want to know FEWA Electrical Supervisor Licence test Previous Year Questions ? If any body know please send to me

A :: if you third attemp pattern send me also please

Interview Questions :: Industrial Management Posted By : jrsironandsteel

:Q: Who is Reliable HR Coil Wholesalers?

A :: In today's fast-paced industrial world, the demand for high-quality steel products is higher than ever. For industries that rely on steel coils, finding a reliable supplier is crucial. That's where JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. steps in as a trusted name in the business. In this article, we will explore why JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. is the go-to choice for HR Coil Wholesalers and delve into the key aspects that set them apart in the industry. Introduction to JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned name in the steel industry, specializing in the production and distribution of HR Coils. With a rich history and a commitment to quality, this company has established itself as a reliable and trusted source for HR Coil Wholesalers. Let's take a closer look at what makes them stand out. History of Excellence Founded several decades ago, JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. has a long history of excellence in the steel business. Over the years, they have continuously improved their manufacturing processes, ensuring that their HR coils meet the highest industry standards. Cutting-Edge Technology JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. invests heavily in cutting-edge technology to produce HR coils of exceptional quality. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest machinery, guaranteeing precision and consistency in every coil produced. Quality Control Quality is paramount at JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. They have stringent quality control measures in place at every stage of production. This commitment to quality ensures that their HR coils are free from defects and meet the specifications of their customers. Why Choose JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. For HR Coils? When it comes to HR coil wholesalers, JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. offers several compelling reasons to choose them as your supplier. 1. Exceptional Product Quality JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. takes immense pride in delivering HR coils of the highest quality. Their coils are known for their durability, strength, and uniformity. 2. Wide Range of Products They offer a diverse range of HR coils, catering to various industrial needs. Whether you require coils for construction, automotive, or any other application, JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. has you covered. 3. Timely Deliveries Reliability is key in the steel industry. JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. understands the importance of timely deliveries and ensures that your orders are met on schedule. 4. Competitive Pricing Despite their commitment to quality, JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. offers competitive pricing. They strive to provide cost-effective solutions to their customers. Customer Satisfaction JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. They believe that a happy customer is a returning customer, and their dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns. Conclusion In the world of HR coil wholesalers, JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. stands out as a reliable and reputable supplier. Their commitment to quality, technological advancements, and customer-centric approach make them the preferred choice for industries requiring HR coils. Choose JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. for your HR coil needs and experience the reliability and quality that have made them a trusted name in the industry. JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. provides you wide range of all type tube and pipe in different diameters and thicknesses. We as manufacture, dealers, and wholesalers of pipes and tubes. We also famous as MS Rectangular Tube Dealers, Hollow Section Dealers, MS Coil Dealers, Seamless Pipe Wholesalers, MS Square Tube Wholesalers, MS Square Tube Dealers. If you need any query so you can contact freely. For More Details About HR Coil Wholesalers :- Company Name :- JRS Iron And Steel Pvt. Ltd. Contact No :- 9643470943 Address :- Shop No. 5, Plot No. 66, Prakash Industrial Estate, Sahibabad Industrial Area Site 4, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201005


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