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Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherPosted By : anitha

:Q: what is Functional Specification in SAP FICO?

Interview Questions :: Civil EngineeringPosted By : frank

:Q: what is the price of a cubic meter of concrete on international market?

Interview Questions :: Engineering AllOtherPosted By : anushka agrawal

:Q: What is your happiest moment in your life

Interview Questions :: AccountingPosted By : geleta barkessa

:Q: Cash aid

Interview Questions :: JCLPosted By : venkatesh

:Q: i have 10steps and i want run step3 and based on step3 i want execute step7,8,9,10?in jcl

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : yakubu musa

:Q: A 2083kva AVR was tested, phase to ground shows continuity, what is the implications

Interview Questions :: CDSPosted By :


Interview Questions :: Web ServicesPosted By : mayursinh jadeja

:Q: Explain what are the key responsibilities of a Web Developer?

Interview Questions :: CDSPosted By :


Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By :

:Q: Dear all i want to know SEWA Electrical Supervisor Licence test Previous Year Questions ? If any body know please send to me

Interview Questions :: Power Plant EngineeringPosted By : ramashankar.goel

:Q: DCS marshaling Cabinet Power supply can be replace during plant running time? Answer Yes it is possible. I am talking about the controller and cards power supply modules. They are always redundant and connected through diode so that if one power supply fails the other can take the charge it is possible to replace one of them in running plant if the other one is healthy. MY question is how switching done.

Interview Questions :: L1 VisaPosted By : vishal

:Q: I have more than 10years of experience in software company and my company is filling for l1b blanket visa. My degree is in chemical engineering. Do you see any issues in getting the visa?

Interview Questions :: Load RunnerPosted By : satish2410


Interview Questions :: Placement PapersPosted By : sandeep pant

:Q: Php base interview.framwork type??

Interview Questions :: Data StagePosted By : pallispidi

:Q: file having these input and we have to get 3 output using same job Input 1 1 1 2 3 4 4 4 o/p1 o/p2 o/p3 1 1 2 2 1 3 3 1 4 4 4

New Answers

Interview Questions :: SQL Server Posted By : ahmed

:Q: I have student marks in a student table. I need second highest mark .Then what will the query for this?

A :: SELECT TOP 1 student marks FROM( SELECT TOP 2 student marks FROM students_table ORDER BY student marks DESC) AS emp ORDER BY student marks ASC;

Interview Questions :: Electronics Communications Posted By : santhosh

:Q: What is the function of BIU?

A :: The Bus Interface Unit (BIU): It provides the interface of 8086 to external memory and I/O devices via the System Bus. It performs various machine cycles such as memory read, I/O read etc. to transfer data between memory and I/O devices.

Interview Questions :: SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling) Posted By : suresh

:Q: what is Auto debit in G/L?

A :: Identify those customers who have agreed to the automatic debit process. Select the customer invoices to be paid. Build and update worktables that are sent to the bank. Update customer invoices as paid. Format automatic debit information to meet country-specific bank requirements. Copy automatic debit information to a medium to send to the bank, or transfer automatic debit information electronically. Purge automatic debit batches. The automatic debit process updates these tables: Auto Debit Batch Control (F03B571).

Interview Questions :: Mechanical Engineering Posted By : nur-ainn asad

:Q: Are you flexible working outside your country

A :: Yes

Interview Questions :: VB Script Posted By :

:Q: How will you trim the spaces on the left of a string using vbscript?

A :: we use LTrim function to remove the spaces.

Interview Questions :: SAP MM (Material Management) Posted By : manu hanwat

:Q: How you can change the standard price in the master material?

A :: MR21

Interview Questions :: SAP MM (Material Management) Posted By : manu hanwat

:Q: what is the transaction code to delete a batch?

A :: MSC2N

Interview Questions :: JCL Posted By : sitharam

:Q: I have four steps in jcl they are STEP1,STEP2,STEP3 and STEP4. Can it possible to run the reverse order like step4 first then step3,step2,step1?


Interview Questions :: General Physics Posted By : siram kartheek

:Q: Explain the three particles that make up an atom?

A :: Protons, Neutrons and electrons

Interview Questions :: USA Student Visa F1 Visa Posted By : jasneet kaur

:Q: Why MBA?

A :: Since MBA is a very prestigious degree and makes an individual eligible in setting career at managerial position as well as opens the door of competitive world for him .Also enhances the knowledge and broadens the thinking area of a person ,apart from this makes an individual more dynamic , strategic , competitive and confident .


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