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Interview Questions :: SAP SD (Sales & Distribution)Posted By : kirti

:Q: Which type of aptitude question

Interview Questions :: Ab InitioPosted By : abhib123

:Q: What happens when we provide null key to sort, merge and pbks in Abinitio ?

Interview Questions :: Ab InitioPosted By : abhib123

:Q: How can we increase the loading performance of oracle table in AbInitio?

Interview Questions :: Ab InitioPosted By : abhib123

:Q: What is the return type of lookup_not_loaded() ? Does it return 0 or 1 to signify true or false or does it return index ...can someone please explain.

Interview Questions :: Ab InitioPosted By : abhib123

:Q: Whenever we load data into oracle table from staging table using exchange partition...then I read somewhere that data actually doesn't move in this and this command only reset the pointer in the data if data doesn't move then how data is loaded into the main table ? I mean wat is the point of pointer update in data dictionary?

Interview Questions :: Ab InitioPosted By : abhib123

:Q: Can some tell me at which level pdl gets resolved when parameters are resolved in abinitio? Also what happens in dml evaluation during parameter evaluation ?

Interview Questions :: Ab InitioPosted By : abhib123

:Q: Can someone tell me the behaviour of next_in_sequence() and innovation_number() in a multifile. Suppose I have records 1,1,1,2,2,3,4,4 in a 4ways mfs file. Data in each partition is: 0th : 1,1,1 1st : 2,2 3rd : 3 4th : 4,4 What will be the sequence of these records if I pass next_in_sequence() and innovation_number() ? Also how can I extract 3rd record from each of the 4 partitions of a 4way multifile through AbInitio? In unix we can use m_dump

Interview Questions :: Organic ChemistryPosted By : prashant

:Q: HPLC in sequences analysis was taken wrong method and one blank & Standard is running so what to do

Interview Questions :: Medicine GeneralPosted By : sudarshan

:Q: For friability test Why do we have to take only 650 mg only? How was this number decided?

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : nitin

:Q: How much depth we will take in 33kv sub station and why.

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By : charz

:Q: What is the different between conventional MCC and intelligent MCC? Common controller or controller for each bucket

Interview Questions :: CognosPosted By : amravi

:Q: Looking for IBM COGNOS Certification C1000-065 , C2020-605 , C2090-621 , C2090-623 Dumps?

Interview Questions :: Electrical EngineeringPosted By :

:Q: control wiring purpose,standards, ferrule code standard, interlock, schematic, symbol

Interview Questions :: Government AllOtherPosted By : nick

:Q: Are the fundamental rights justiciable ?

Interview Questions :: Chemical EngineeringPosted By : sanjay tiwari

:Q: testing formula for oxygen by ammonium chloride,ammonium hydroxide and copper

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Interview Questions :: C Posted By : baskar p

:Q: Is c functional or procedural?

A :: C is called a Procedural language because step by step implementation takes place.

Interview Questions :: Analytical Chemistry Posted By : gangadhar

:Q: how do you established the RRF for unknown impurity

A :: Method-l: RF of impurity=peak area of impurity/Conc.of impurity. RF of analyte=peak area of analyte/Conc.of analyte. RRF of impurity=RF of impurity/RF of analyte. Method-ll:By linearity method. RRF of impurity: slope of impurity/slope of analyte. RRF correction:%impurity/RRF.

Interview Questions :: CICS Posted By : virgopawanpal

:Q: What is the difference between CICS Program Control Table (PCT) and CICS Processing Program Table (PPT) ?

A :: Can we define 2 entries in PCT table for one transaction referring 2 programs? Example TRAN1--program1 TRAN1--Program2 is it possible since TRANSID should be unique?

Interview Questions :: C Posted By : animesh_chakraborty

:Q: main() { printf("\n %d %d %d",sizeof('3'),sizeof("3"),sizeof(3)); } wat is the o/p and how?

A :: answer is:124 i compiled it and it has shown this result . i thing it is correct answer.

Interview Questions :: General Knowledge_Current Affairs Posted By : justin

:Q: The earliest surviving Sanskrit poetry of the classical type is that of: (a) Aswaghosha (b) Kalidasa (c) Arjuna Shankar (d) None of the above

A :: Asvaghosha

Interview Questions :: SAP Security Posted By : jyothi

:Q: what is pfcg_time_dependency?

A :: PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCE is mass user maintenance, it is a programming of pfud

Interview Questions :: SAP MM (Material Management) Posted By : manoj

:Q: What are the fields in Purchasing view?

A :: Base Unit of Measure Purchasing Group Plant-sp.matl status Tax ind. f. material Material freight grp Order Unit Material Group Valid from Auto PO indicator Purchasing value key 1st Rem./Exped. 2nd Reminder/Exped. 3rd Reminder/Exped. StdValueDelivDateVar Shipping Instr. Underdel. Tolerance Overdeliv. Tolerance Min. Del. Qty in % GR Processing Time Quota arr. usage Mfr Part Number source list indicator

Interview Questions :: Data Structures Posted By : kalyani

:Q: What is the average number of comparisons in a sequential search?

A :: Searching an element in an array, the search starts from the first element till the last element the average number of comparisons in a sequential search is (N+1)/2,where N is the size. The number of comparisons will be 1, if element is in the first position and if element is in the last position the number of comparisons will be N.

Interview Questions :: APPSC AllOther Posted By : abhishek chakraborty

:Q: …………. Is called the fifth veda (a) The Ramayana (b) The Bhagavatha (c) The Mahabharat (d) None

A :: Ans : None of the above. Puran is considered as the fifth veda in vedic literature.

Interview Questions :: Accounting General Posted By : sharma

:Q: What is the journal entry for good loss by fire? claim receive from insurance company? after claim received the loss occoured entry?

A :: 1)Loss by fire A/c Dr To purchase A/c 2)Insurance claim A/c Dr P/L A/c Dr To loss by fire A/c 3) Bank/cash A/c. Dr To insurance claim A/c


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