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Interview Questions :: SAP APO (Advanced Planner Optimizer)Posted By : radheshrpsap

:Q: Can forecast be moved from Info cube to planning book.

Interview Questions :: SAP APO (Advanced Planner Optimizer)Posted By : radheshrpsap

:Q: Without info cube can the planning book be created.

Interview Questions :: IBM AS400 AllOtherPosted By : monika

:Q: 1. There is a file called Month. Month has 12 members called Jan, Feb, ..., Dec. How to design a rpg code which can access any member and show its content. (User can ask for any member when required)?

Interview Questions :: COBOLPosted By : jay


Interview Questions :: USA Student Visa F1 VisaPosted By : wadwa

:Q: Currently I am applying for undergraduate F1 visa. But my long -term plan is to do a PhD from a good US/ UK /Canada top ranking university. What do I say when they ask me to prove that I will not be staying in the USA in my Visa interview?

Interview Questions :: IBM AS400 AllOtherPosted By : john doe

:Q: How to reverse a string using RPG?

Interview Questions :: AnatomyPosted By : nikita rajendra dhanke

:Q: Human anatomy and physiology

Interview Questions :: SAP FI-CO (Financial Accounting & Controlling)Posted By : k sai manideep

:Q: What are roles you have played in roll out project ?

Interview Questions :: Marine EngineeringPosted By : diriba abebe

:Q: I want to get or know the interview questions often ETOs are asked .

Interview Questions :: Microsoft AzurePosted By : reddy

:Q: i have a csv file as source and need to sink as csv. But i have to create a sequence number in source(surrogate key) without using surrogate key function. kindly help me out on this .

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherPosted By : bira achalu

:Q: What's COOP

Interview Questions :: USA Student Visa F1 VisaPosted By : suraj singh

:Q: What do you if I reject your visa

Interview Questions :: InformaticaPosted By : shubham bagal

:Q: Tell me about Propagate functions in informatica

Interview Questions :: InformaticaPosted By : shubham bagal

:Q: Tell me about MD5 functions in informatica

Interview Questions :: Accounting AllOtherPosted By : guna sekaran

:Q: What are the question asked for accounts associate

New Answers

Interview Questions :: Electrical Engineering Posted By : unknown

:Q: In a simple spur gear train, gears with 24, 48, 32, 72 and 96 teeth are in sequence. The gear with 24 teeth runs at 900 rpm. The speed in rpm of gear with 72 teeth is

A :: 300

Interview Questions :: Electronics Communications Posted By : someshwaran

:Q: What is an integrated circuit?

A :: integrated component or ic is an electronic component where numerous electronic components are embedded and fabricate as a single chip to perform a specific task

Interview Questions :: Data Stage Posted By : ashok

:Q: What is container and then types?

A :: Reusable stage in datastage r known as containers 2 types r there 1.LOCAL container where we used it job level. 2.SHARED CONTAINER where it ll be used at project container

Interview Questions :: Load Runner Posted By : arun mohanty

:Q: What is .lrs?

A :: .lrs means Scenario extension

Interview Questions :: Mechanical Engineering Posted By : sakshi

:Q: How much is the specific fuel consumption of an average diesel engine?

A :: 0.2 kg

Interview Questions :: Manual Testing Posted By : sagar rajgure

:Q: any body can explain me door lock test cases,cell phone test cases, table and chair test cases

A :: I want test cases for lock and key 🔐

Interview Questions :: SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Posted By : rhushikesh gaikwad

:Q: Can we create a delivery without storage location? If we can then how? can anybody will guide me by giving proper answer......Sdtapas

A :: You can create delivery without storage location in two processes. In make to order process where you pick the stocks from orders on hand and second is in consignment issue process where you pick stock from consignment.

Interview Questions :: Ab Initio Posted By : pathikrit mukherjee

:Q: Describe the Evaluation of Parameters order.

A :: Host setup script will be executed first All Common parameters, that is, included, are evaluated All Sandbox parameters are evaluated The project script – project-start. ksh is executed All form parameters are evaluated Graph parameters are evaluated The End Script of the graph is executed

Interview Questions :: Ab Initio Posted By : pathikrit mukherjee

:Q: EmpId RollNo RollNo2 A t1 se A1 se tm i want output as A Emp A TL A1 SE etc how i can get output please send me your answer

A :: using normailzer transformation $ then use string_join function

Interview Questions :: Call Centre AllOther Posted By : abdul rehman

:Q: What is your daily routine?

A :: I wake up early in the morning at 7:30 am, I take bath after that I do breakfast sharply at 8;00am. Then, I check my emails, and internet surfing and I take my noon tea and learn online courses Canva, free lancing and read some business stuff books. After that, I go for walk after return home , I prepare dinner and go to bed. But, If I have an interview scheduled for the day and I practice my work accordingly.


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