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Cognizant Interview Questions
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Difference Between Call By Value and Call By Reference?

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what is by brs?

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How to Parameterize Object repository in QTP?

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what is difference between severity and priority? what is difference between bug and defect?

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working of a diesel generator.

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How OOPS concept is achieved in Java?

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Explain difference between final, finally and finalize?

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What is preemptive and Non-preemptive Time Scheduling?

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What are the steps involved in creating a pricing procedure?

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Write a query to find second highest salary of an employee.

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developer says it is not defect.then as a test engineer what u will do?

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How many Test Managers in Test Director?

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How you upload test cases in to TD.

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Can we use methods in JSP? If so where the methods are stored in servlet class file?

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What are formula variables?

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Cognizant Interview Questions

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