Law Interview Questions
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What are your views on the franchising of legal aid firms?


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What views are you having on the policies of the Legal Services Commission?



What you know about the impact of the Human Rights Act on law in this country?



Do you think that the impact of human rights will be severe on criminal law?


How family law will be affected by the change?

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To how much expect do you expect Counsel to do?


What is ypor opinion about the launch of the Public Defence Service?

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Are you willing to go through the accreditation process for police station advisors?


In near future would you be willing to manage a branch office? If no, why not?

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What kind of advocacy experience do you have apart from those taught on the LPC ?


Do you think you have to undergo training for advocacy?

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what are your views on equal opportunities?

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Have you been involved either paid or unpaid with the services of the voluntary sector?


What is your opinion about the private practice?

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What is your view on commercial law firms?

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Un-Answered Questions { Law }

distingish between fundamental right & directive principles with case law?


rate of customes duty


which constitution is more stable? rigid or flexible.


My father Mr. Prakash was working with SBM, Bangalore and had taken 2 Insurance policies on LIC- Under Salary Savings Scheme, 2 Insurance Policies on LIC under Accident Benefit Policy, 1 Insurance Policy on Bajaj Allianz under Accident Benefit and scheme and has received benefit of about 6 lakhs from Bank as Insurance amount on his death. He had nominated my step mother (second wife of my father) as nominee for all the above mentioned, and now she is refusing to share the benefit among us (my father had married her after my mother deceased , we are 3 children). Please suggest whether we get our share… do we have any rights on Insurance benefits??


Can you tell me a recent example of when you were under stress, and how you coped?


What are the penalties if the director of Company is bringing the cash of Rs. 10,00,000/- into the company for its preoperative expeses as unsecured loan.


Is there any full form for "LAW" ???


I want to know lattest Ready recknor for Statutory compaliance, which uses in all companies.


Whether the word LTD should be suffixed to the name of a Private Bank? Please quote the Section and the relevant ACT.


if you keep googles and if you see Indian flag what colour it can see


hOW pf and esic is calculated?


Rules of civil law are different than that of criminal law. Are you prepared to enter this knowing that there is little guidance from within our office?


What are the laws for arrested person?


what are the relief options if any superior downgrades annual appraisal ratings without providing basis for such downgrade


computation of advance tax for the assessment year 2010-11