SAP SD Interview Questions
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To start a transaction how many ways are there and what are they?

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User-specific parameters means? How to create that one?


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In R/3 system name the three different kinds of messages. What is the diff. between them?


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Data dictionary or repository means..?

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Match code means..?


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After logging into R/3 system if you want an end user to see a specific menu could u do that?


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In R/3 u can represent a company?s structure by defining and assigning corporate structure elements. what is the purpose of doing that?


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In order to make up a sales area which organizational elements will help?


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What is the relation between sales organization and company codes?


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In purchasing what is the central organizational element?


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Relation ship between sales organization and plants?

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Relation ship between sales organization, plants and company codes?


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Credit control area means? What is the relationship exists between credit control areas and company codes?


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Is it possible to assign two different sales organization to the same company code?

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In SD,MM,PP,FICO what are the highest organizational units?


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What is SD part in Variant Configuration? Do we do all the steps in Variant like CO,LO or just Sales /Conditions.IF we do Sales and conditons how we do that.


In Enterprise Structure, we maintain Language and Currency for various fields,, what is the diff e.g we have at Company level, CCA, Company Code, Sales Org etc...


Tell me about your EDI/IDOC experience?


which are the roadmaps delevered by SAP solution manager I am going to take certification exam soon plz ans


What are the configurations to be made for PACKING?


sd validation of advance payment. eg sales order(1234) raised on 14 jan 2012. validity of sales order is 30 jan 2012 advance paym should receive before 25 jan 2012 any payment against this order should not be received after 26 jan 2012


What do you mean by order confirmation


what is access key? how it is obtained? i was asked access key while creating data transfer routine


wat is core team. wat core team member do plz answer asap thnks


what is the diffrence between trade customer and non trade customer .


when ever we are creating a rental contracts, if we go for the item level data in va44, revenue is not recognizing, which leads the plant and division is not copied in the item level data, please send if any one knows the answer ASAP.


In R/3 we can represent a company's structure by defining and assigning corporate structure elements. What is the purpose of doing that?


how offen sand box server refresh?


Hi SD Gurus, I am applying for a position of SAP SD End user. In job description, they asked for Calender/Scheduling Experience. Could you please tell me about this Calender/Scheduling Experience in detail.Thanks in advance.


if i have a CRM in sales area, sales org,dis channel,division can i create a sales order for this sales area sales org,dis channel,division with out extending CRM for sales org,dis channel,division? if yes please explain.