Automobile Engineering Interview Questions
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Can Cpk value be zero?

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What is the difference between SPC & SQC?

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What is the difference between Cycle time, standard time & Critical standard time?

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What is the approx. temperature at the spark plug at the time of ignition??

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How fuel tank capacity is decided for any two wheeler or four wheeler ???

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Hai good morning i want 12volt mcb are you find it kindly send the web id

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how air conditioning system works in car?

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Types of Injection system in cars?


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Types of cooling system in passenger cars?


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Overview of working of commen rail injection system in cars?


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List the cars introduced by skoda in india?


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i want to make higher studies in automobile (me) how i can select the college and where i have to contact them, syllables

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difference bitween CPC & SQC

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in internal combtion engine, maximum efficiency is65%. than 35% losses. but why not decreased losses ? any reason behind this ?

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what is the three method of heat transfer?give example of each.

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Do the design & fittings depend on the type of the vehicle engine? Why is petrol used for engines only & vice versa.


Tell me the formula of heat loss in a pipe.


Slip joints are provided in the propeller shaft a) To adjust the inclination of the propeller shaft b) To adjust the length of the propeller shaft c) To prevent the whirling of the propeller shaft d) To adjust the up and down movement of the rear axle


Explain the Otto cycle.


What is the main task of batter in an automobile?


List 5 words that best Describe your strengths? List 5 words that best Describe your weakness?


Explain the working principle of hydrostatic propeltion system in a tractor?


Who invented the four stroke engine? According to you which is more efficient four stroke or two stroke engine and why?


Why in open-wheel racing cars torsion bars (of suspensions) are removed in case of wet track?


The number of arms provided to the Cross of the Hook's joint is a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4


What is the allowable -ve crankcase pressure (vacuum) in the gas engine of 1.5 mw?


Tell me the difference between torque and power?


What do you understand by ductile-brittle transition temperature?


What is the Diesel consumption of 1000 KVA rating DG set at full load?


what is the syllabus for the rrb sec. eng. posts iam from automobile engg.