Advertising Media Interview Questions
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What attracts you to this industry?

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What are your long term professional goals?

TATA, RRDonnelley,

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Describe a time where a creative approach to meeting an objective didn?t work and what you did next?

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What are some of the challenges you see that are facing this industry?


Why should we hire you?

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Why do you want to work here?

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What are your greatest weaknesses?

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Why did you leave your last job?

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Describe a problematic situation and how you solved it?



What accomplishment are you most proud of?

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What are your salary expectations?

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Tell me about yourself.

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What's different about doing an interview face to face?

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There's a saying "Do whatever it takes to get the job done". Give me a recent example of what you did that exemplifies this statement.


Are you creative? Give me an example of your creativity.

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Un-Answered Questions { Advertising Media }

which size of panty prefer to walk on the ramp for swimwear and lingeries to look glamour in the whole show


What Security Precautions Should Be Taken At Public Hotspots?


What is the company's annual advertising budget?


Estimate the storage space required if a color image of 1024*1024 resolution needs to be digitized and image represedted in binary form


How to know which medium works best?


I'm a student researching the industry "phenomenon" of User Generated Video Content (UGVC). This is more or less the trend(s) in consumers as well as businesses using video channels, such as YouTube, to create marketing campaign online. If you are an industry expert within this field or if your company has utilized a UGVC campaign within your recent marketing strategy, I would really appreciate a few minutes of your time to discuss your insight on this phenomenon. Questions asked will be conducted over the phone and will only be used for academic purposes. None of the questions will be related to your specific company, but will about your opinions regarding the industry itself. Please respond within the next 48hrs if you wish to answer some questions.


what is bank reconcillation and cash recomcillation?


Does the message strike personal emotional chords with the people it targets? Do they see themselves as needing/desiring what we offer?


How do you see the future of multimedia in India?


Which unique skills or knowledges can you contribute to our operations?


Why do you want to work for the position?


What's happening in the news right now, both in your country and abroad? Where did you hear about it?


control panel operations?


did bel announced P E requirement for b tech every year ?


Is there any good company in email marketing domain in India . If yes. Please suggest .