Advertising Media Interview Questions
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What attracts you to this industry?

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What are your long term professional goals?

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Describe a time where a creative approach to meeting an objective didn?t work and what you did next?

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What are some of the challenges you see that are facing this industry?


Why should we hire you?

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Why do you want to work here?

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What are your greatest weaknesses?

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Why did you leave your last job?

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Describe a problematic situation and how you solved it?



What accomplishment are you most proud of?

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What are your salary expectations?

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Tell me about yourself.

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What's different about doing an interview face to face?

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There's a saying "Do whatever it takes to get the job done". Give me a recent example of what you did that exemplifies this statement.


Are you creative? Give me an example of your creativity.

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Un-Answered Questions { Advertising Media }

How do you see the future of multimedia in India?


Caluculating income from businee or profession ( income tax) Company can adopt Accounting standards.


i am a animation student. in december i am going to face an interview so plse tell me what type of question they will ask ( about animation) how should i tell the answer (i am poor in comunication skill) pls tell me some tips its help full to me


What is the company's annual advertising budget?


what is the pay for a animator?


control panel operations?


what is the levels marketing and steps of global marketing?


what is related to animation?


will the offering and the words make people want to buy?


what is processor,what are the different processors available?


hi Ihave applied 4 the post of SBI Po.How can we know we r shortlisted or not?


Do you think that the media covers too much bad news and not enough good news?


When was the first radio broadcast in India?


what is the quality require for post of development executive for pharmaceutical product development?


did bel announced P E requirement for b tech every year ?