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Least no. when divide by 7 gives remainder 6, 6 gives 5, 5 gives 4 and so on ?

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for cube and sphere 3 views are similarly draw one such figure?

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success is to failure, joy is to ?

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meaning of JOLLY?

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opposite to ESSENTIAL?

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"Raw" means ?

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"Command" opposite?

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GENUINE opposite?

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Sum of two consecutive nos is 55, larger one is?

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A person goes 4/5 of his usual speed reaches 10 min late to his destinaton, time taken?

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80% pass in english, 70%pass in maths , 10%fail in both , 144 pass in both . How many all appeared to the test?

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To get a parabola if you cut a section of?

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Bird is flying 120km/hr b/w B to R. two trians at B to R at 60 kmph .The distance trvelled by the bird before it is killed.

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meaning of INERT ?

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Hello My name is vijay right now I'm preparing for SBI po, I am good at aptitude but not better. I am lagging time you know competitive exams are to answer in span of time. So any website regarding aptitude short cuts or tricks Pls post to my mail. I am waiting


please send 10 year question papers of clerical and probationary officer question papers of sbi bank ........syed0460@gmail.com this is my email id....


What do you think are your personal strengths and what are the areas where you need to improve as an individual?


what is the number whose reminder is 2 after dividing 5and also reminder is 4 after deviding 7 and reminder is 6 after deviding 9?


hello..i hav cleared SBI written exm..i am a post graduate in english..wht type of questions they may ask me at the interview? plz help.




In geometry, polygons with up to twelve sides have different given names; however, ______________________ if the number of sides is higher than twelve, the polygon is named by placing the suffix "gon" after the number of sides in the polygons. if the number of sides is greater than twelve, the polygon is named by placing the suffix "gon" after the number of sides in the polygons. if the number of sides is greater than twelve, name the polygon by placing the suffix "gon" after the number of sides in the polygons. if the number of sides is higher than twelve, name the polygon by placing the suffix "gon" after the number of sides in the polygons.


please let me know the minimum qualifying marks in screening test of group1 2010 to be eligible for group1 main exam.


I didn't have of visa of fiancial K1 for the USA, can I proceeded for the visa K 3 of the marriage? _


Why we use Caffine in HPLC calibration?


Four friends are given named Akansha, Anuska, Anisha, ... , ... Each of them live in a separate home and sleep on one bed. Akansha and Anuska have two extra beds, two of the house have green lawns while the rest have narrow porchs, One of the house has Airconditioner while the rest have fans


why do used bucolzh relay in 1000kva transformer


The New Deal in America began in 1933 and included widespread bank reforms, unprecedented government infrastructure spending, and unparalleled expansion in the size of government. Some political commentators and economic historians contend that President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal singlehandedly propelled the United States out of the Great Depression and into decades of uninterrupted prosperity. To support this claim, these economists note that during the years following 1933, GDP grew, unemployment shrunk, and optimism increased. Which of the following statements, if true, would most weaken the above argument? The considerable government expenditures and massive labor requirements engendered by America's entry into World War II in late 1941 helped employ Americans and grow GDP. The considerable debt burden that the government assumed to fund the New Deal sparked fear in the minds of some economists, investors, and businessmen. On average, GDP per capita fell and unemployment rose in many foreign countries during the years after President Roosevelt announced his New Deal. During 1939, the U.S. economy contracted sharply, unemployment jumped 5%, and America's optimism fell.


what ia tha c++ code to find the position of prime numbers in prime number series??


I am writing the APSRTC OUT post.so i dont know the managerial aptitude.If any one know about this or refer any book, please give the information to my Mail id is narayanansg@gmail.com