Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what are the stages in Testing life cycle?

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what is unit testing? It comes under white box or Black Box testing?


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Difference between QA and Testing?

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what is the difference between Load,Stress and Volume Testing?

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What is Boundary Value Analysis(BVA) and Equivalence Class Partition(ECP)?

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what is penetration testing?


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What is smoke testing?


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What is pairwise testing?

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What is concurrency testing?


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what is test log..? what it consists?


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What is Data Flow Testing?


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what is volume Testing?


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what is Independent Verification and Validation(IV&V)?


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What is driver in testing point of view?


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what is stub?Explain in testing point of view?


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Can anyone please answer the below question on Manual Testing: Tell me about atleast 5 bugs you come across in your last testing?


I studied MBA, I want learn any softwarecourse, which course is better hadoop or testing tools(manual+selenium?)


Why you are selected software testing as career ?


Can any tell me how a clinical data management system is tested? what are the test scenarios? what are the test cases? work flow.


how to connect oracle with test director? in testdirector we will be getting only reports? pls answer Thanks in Advance


What is the role of the test group vis-?is documentation, tech support, and so forth?


can any one send sample test cases for database testing by taking an example? also leave emailid please. thanks (very urgent)


how to write defects in excel sheets when defects occured


Can any body tell me in real time how cookies testing is done. And please tell me the steps.And for cookies testing test cases is needed.


Hi Friends, Just One Month Back I was Join in Small Company as a Testing Eng.I have Six Month Exp. In this Company all my team memb.r fresher & PM give responsibility on us to prepare all require QC doc. for our new project.So I need ur help in this matter .How Can I start my work and Which Doc.I start to collect & From Where I get Detail Information all abt these thing. Thanks to all friends who give reply to this. Suyog


what types of testing you performed in transfer funds module....


what is the challenging position faced in the testing not in point of management point of view it must be in the point of while testing the application?


i looking for the software testing job with the exp of (1.5 yrs ), if anybody knows how to approach the companies ,pls let me know , possible que which will be asked in interview ? pls send me sample resume for testing ....pls do the favour as soon as posible .


consider therez 1 land and it has mango trees in it, what are the tets cases or how will we count no of mangoes on all trees


hi this is satish can some one help me out by sending the maxium notes on client sesrver ,web server and company architechture project hirearchy and company hirearchy i will happy to recive the answers as early as possible