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Siemens Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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What is Copy Constructor?

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How would your co-workers/classmates/friends describe you?

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Give an example of a time when you had to make a quick decision on the job?

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What would you want to achieve in your first year on the job?

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What is an abstract class?

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What is the difference between creating an object, using 'new' and using 'malloc'?

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What is a virtual base class?

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Do you know how to joint the H.T and L.T Cables?

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Difference between Top down and bottom up approaches for a given project ?

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What the difference between capital goods and infrastructure.

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What is the difference between debugging and manual testing?

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When test plan will be prepared in v-model?

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when the test plan will be prepared in waterfall model?

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what is monkey testing?

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Siemens Interview Questions

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