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Genpact Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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What is Win32?

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Do you know how to measure the earth resistance? if so explain it

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Give the syntax of Inner,outer Join?"

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what is by brs?

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i want to know about call center interviews question

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What is 43B in an Indian Taxation?

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I have done B.Sc.(H)Zoology).I went for an interview in a call centre.Cleared seven rounds there.Only I was selected out of 50 people for HR round.In HR round the HR manager asked me "Why you want to join a call centre after doing B.Sc.?" I couldn't answer and lost the interview.

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when i went to a call center she asked me. where u want to see after few years?

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What are accounting Principles?

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What is BRS?

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What are the steps involved in consignment cycle?

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What are different execution methods of executabls?

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What are the golder rules of Accounts ?

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Tell abtur self and family

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Genpact Interview Questions

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