RPG400 Interview Questions
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difference between CHAIN and READE?


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What are the values of NUM1 and NUM2 after executing the following code? CLONO1NO2NO3 Factorl÷÷+OpcdeFactor2+÷+ResultLenDHHiLoEq C MOVE *LOVAL NUM1 50 C MOVE *J-fIVAL NtJM2 52

IBM, Fiserv,

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1. Which Built-In-Function will you use to achieve the following functionality? CLONO1NO2NO3 Factorl÷÷+OpcdeFactor2++÷ResultLenDHHiLoEq C QTY IFLT *ZERO C QTY MULT -1 QTY C ENDIF a) %ABS b) %TRIM c) %TRIMS d) %UNS


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What is the significance of UDATE?


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A particular job executing on the iS is not behaving as expected and is operating in an environment in which it can be debugged. What commands would you use to debug and observe the program?


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What is the compilation option that has to he specified while compiling an RPC program which uses a file having date data type field?


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2. Which of the following statement(s) explains the difference(s) between the /INCLUDE and ICOPY directives? a.) No difference, they function the same b.) ACOPY cannot be used as a conditional directive c.) IINCLUDE files cannot contain embedded SQL d.) Nesting /TNCLUDE directives is not allowed


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3. Given the DOS Specification below and the following information: • Indicator 50 is off • No records have been written to the subfile What will be the result if the EXFMT operation code is performed on the record format CTLR? A R SUBFL A DESCRIP 101 6 1ODSPATR(UL) A DFT(’NOT FOUND’) A R CTLR SFLCTL(SUBFL) A N50 SFLDSP A SFLDSPCTL A SFLINZ A 67 SFIJEND A SFLSIZ(13) A SFLPAG(12) A ACCOUNTNO 100 S 10 a.) Only AccountNo will display b.) SUBFL will be initialized with 13 blank records c.) An I/O exception error will occur d.) The screen will display 12 records with ‘NOT FOUND’


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please help me answer to this question what is the difference between the binding and srvpgm in ilerpg?


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what is the difference between the procedure and module in ILERPG?

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can we use cl programming to update or delete physical files

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use of PUTOVR,OVRDTA,KEEP keywords?


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where we give the MSGSFL in rpg400?

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how to change the length of the field in a physicalfile?

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there is any limit to display the members in rpg400?

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What is the purpose of record level identifier?


how can we can we the data decimal error?how can we open such file in support


do you use message subfiles? What are the necessary keywords required coding a message subfile?


Set on command is used for closed all opened files , initialize var and release resource , return cmd is used for return to calling program but my req. Is dnt close opened files and resource must released while doing transactions , how can i do this...?


what is program status data structure?


how can I tell when to replace the array?


Interviewer asked me write down DDS for load all subfile .can anybody write dds


what is the procedure and explain about real time scenario.


what was the robotech rpg?


How to select highest score of each subject or how to select highest income of every month?


How to search particular records from the database file in rpg?


Hi Viewers can any body explain me how to update and ahange the already existed data in physical file using subfile ? please explain me with the code if possible?


what happens when sflsiz = sflpag? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


which program rpg or cl is efficent to update a transaction onto a database file and why ?


A rpg or clp command to find if the file field is defined as a character or numeric field.