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Microsoft Interview Questions
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What is automation Framework?

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What is the power factor you maintain at ur organization?

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What is Difference between thread and process?

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What is the difference between mutex and semaphore?

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What is the difference between a copy constructor and an overloaded assignment operator?

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what are the events in ABAP?

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How to test API's?

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Difference between static global and global?

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why you want to join our companey

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what is view state

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How to display names of all components in a Container?


Give a fast way to multiply a number by 7

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when the user control event occur in ASp page life cycle?

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How to write Negative test cases?

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What type of document produce SRS. WHAT type of document produce FS(functional spec.) what type of document produce SDS(design spec.) Please give me a hierarchy of process of document, which the companies follow

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Microsoft Interview Questions

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