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Satyam Interview Questions
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what is Regresstion testing? when it will be needed?

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Where are the expected results file will be stored? what is the extension of that?

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Give the syntax of Inner,outer Join?"

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How do you copy the script from source alert?

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Can you create a field without data element domain?

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What is the Difference Between basic list and interactive list?

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tell me about status codes?

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what are the fields in BDC Data?

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how you identify errors in call tr?

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what is Tcode for Basic ALE configuration?

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what are the stpes in ALE?

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Suppose in the Report Program I want to pass data to another Report Program will you do that one?

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How you prepare documentation?

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what is web server?

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Write a program to reverse a linked list?

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Satyam Interview Questions

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