What is one line to pass PARM from JCL to COBOL?

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what is the difference between perform varying and perform

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What is the use of disp parameter?

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How to find the number of duplicates in a file using Sort?

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i have 5 steps to execute in that i want to skip 3nd step and start execute from forth step how can u do this.

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Explain the purpose of the dd keylen parameter?

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how to put a dependency on job in jcl using opc scheduler?

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what is use of space parameter in dd statement?

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I have four steps in jcl they are STEP1,STEP2,STEP3 and STEP4. Can it possible to run the reverse order like step4 first then step3,step2,step1?

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How does -818 sql error occur? Why does it happen and what can be done to overcome this error code?

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Explain about CBL/PROCESS statement syntax

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Is it possiable to use a gdg in the INCLUDE statement in a SORT jcl? I am using this because I want to change the condition with out changing the jcl. Please provide with a sample code.

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Why block size is multiple of lrecl in jcl?

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