COBOL Interview Questions
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Why there is no questions in this column?

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why occurs clause not mentioned in 01 level

Tesco, HCL, TCS, NIIT,

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How to resolve the soc4 and soc7 errors?


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What is binary search?

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What is the difference between PIC 9.99 and 9v99?

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What is the difference between index and subscript?


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What is SET TO TRUE all about, anyway?

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What is COMP-1? COMP-2?


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What is difference between COBOL and VS COBOL II?.

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In an EVALUTE statement is the order of the WHEN clauses significant?

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Give some advantages of REDEFINES clause?


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How do you do in-line PERFORM?

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Explain call by context by comparing it to other calls.

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What does EXIT do ?


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what is Pic 9v99 Indicates?

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i made it to stage 3 of an interview process wednessday they will quiz my knowledge again face to face for an analyst role recruiter said it will be based on Business requirements system is cobol and good ideas what they might ask etc


) How do u handle errors in BMS macro?


how to refer the data field?


How can i load all the data from a file to Table (array) in cobol.How i manage the occurs clause with out reading the file.Any options avilable ? Please can any one help me it is urgent?


please..could u give an example about USAGE IS POINTER ..and explain why and when we use it ?


Have you used comp and comp-3 in your project? And how?


if we have " ibm mainframe ",in that how to remove first and last leading space eg:"ibm mainframe" like that the answer we need


) How do u handle errors in BMS macro


Hi pls anybody tell me about " ANALYSIS DOCUMENT PREPARATION AND ESTIMATION OF TASK " (in real time project)."I want to update a sequential file in my project" for that purpose i need both structures i mean analysis document and estimation of task.


how can i see junk values in dclgen or in hostvariable of comp ?


example for sub strings ? and refernce modifications whit output pls


What type of SDLC u followed? Why?


Difference between array and sub-script ?


)If there are 10 steps in GDG, if I want to refer the step2 after step5 . what should I do?


How to use the same COBOL program in Batch and CICS on lines? explain with an example