COBOL Interview Questions
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Why there is no questions in this column?

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why occurs clause not mentioned in 01 level

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How to resolve the soc4 and soc7 errors?


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What is binary search?

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What is the difference between PIC 9.99 and 9v99?

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What is the difference between index and subscript?


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What is SET TO TRUE all about, anyway?

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What is COMP-1? COMP-2?


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What is difference between COBOL and VS COBOL II?.

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In an EVALUTE statement is the order of the WHEN clauses significant?

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Give some advantages of REDEFINES clause?


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How do you do in-line PERFORM?


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Explain call by context by comparing it to other calls.

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What does EXIT do ?


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what is Pic 9v99 Indicates?

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Differentiate cobol and cobol-ii. (Most of our programs are written in cobolii, so, it is good to know, how, this is different from cobol)?


i made it to stage 3 of an interview process wednessday they will quiz my knowledge again face to face for an analyst role recruiter said it will be based on Business requirements system is cobol and good ideas what they might ask etc


What is the difference between binary search and sequential search?


What is the difference between PIC 9.99 and PIC9v99?


What are the pertinent COBOL commands?


Describe the cobol database components?


State the various causes of s0c1, s0c5 and s0c7.


i want a program using by if, evaluate , string, unstring, perform, occurs?


What is the default value(s) for an initialize and what keyword allows for an override of the default?


I have one ps file in which there are 3 fileds emp_no,emp_name and leave_app.this ps file information give the detail of employee which is going to apply for leave.suppose emp_no=113430,emp_name=ajay,leave_app=1 that means he is going to apply for 1 day leave.and accordingling the table in db2 will be updated means if he has that no of leave in his account then he will get dat leave and updated acc. in table(leave_balance=previous leave present in table-leave_app).Now i want to check whther the updated result is correct or not by comparing the two ps file using IEBCOMPARE or icetool so what is going to be the two ps file and how its is going to be compare.


i have 10 names in an array and my name is one of them also array is not in sorted order i need to display my name using index how will i do this


How many bytes S(8) comp field occupy and its maximum value?


Can we change the password using ALTER? anyone tried and changed?


How arrays can be defined in COBOL?


Discuss about changing dataset name in proc.