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Oracle Interview Questions
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What are the differences between public, private, and protected access?

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what is verification and Validation?

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what is the use of "swing time" in Load Runner?

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what is internalization?

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You reported a Bug.The developers are saying that it's not a Bug even though it is..How you are going to prove that it's a Bug?

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Difference between this(), super()?

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How can a tester ensure that his\her test cases covers all the functionalities of a particular application?

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what is the difference between oracle 81,91,11i

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There are 3 employees(say 2 colleagues and u not from same dept) in an organisation they used to discuss any thing except their salaries and one day stranger came and asked u to tell the average salary!plz give me the solution.

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There will be two security guards at hell and heaven. hell guy used to speak lie always and we can ask one and only one question to move into heaven(twist is we don't know who is hell or heaven gaurd).how can we move into heaven?

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There are two sand clocks(timers) one complete totally in 7 minutes and other in 9-minutes we have to calculate with this timers and bang the bell after completion of 11- minutes!plz give me the solution.

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What are types of Depreciation?

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What is singleton class?

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What is Shared SQL Area?

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What is correlated sub-query?

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Oracle Interview Questions

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