JCL Interview Questions
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What is a GDG


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What is a Generation Data Group (GDG)?

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How is a GDG base created?

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What is model dataset label(Model DSCB)?

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How are GDGs concatenated?

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How is a new GDG coded?

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When should DISP=MOD is used?


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How is a dataset passed from one step to another?


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How are datasets concatenated?


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What is the difference between the JOBLIB and the STEPLIB statements?

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Name some of the JCL statements that are not allowed in procs.?

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What is primary allocation for a dataset?

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What is the difference between primary and secondary allocations for a dataset?

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How many extents are possible for a sequential file ? For a VSAM file ?

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What does a disposition of (NEW,CATLG,DELETE) mean?

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What is 'mounting' of volumes ? Is there anything that a programmer can do in it ? How to find currently mounted volume ?


How to code these statements in JCL: CLEANUP INITIAL(NO) RESTART(NO) DYNALLOC(NO) job definition..?


What does it mean by Restart and Checkpoint in JCL ? How are checkpoints being taken and what is their usage ? How to use Checkpoint macro on a JOBSTEP ?


hello friends ,i have exam in Hsbc,pls any on send me placement papers and technical questions on mainframes,thank u


what is the resolution for sb37 error


We can use PASS with permanent datasets also. THEN Which is the condition in which we may use PASS (instead of KEEP) with permanent data sets, while there is no need to specify UNIT and VOL for them like temporary data sets (in cas we use KEEP for permanent data sets) ?


Suppose there are 2 Input files Infile-1 and Infile-2. Both the Files contain Employee Records. You need to compare both the files and Write the Common Records in third file named Outfile. How can we do this using File-Aid?


I have 5 steps in my jcl ,I need to execute first three steps and then 2nd step again ,4th and 5th steps if rc of 2nd step is zero


I have 60 steps in the JCL and want to Execute Only First from PROC by overriding in JCL ?


I need exexution process for JCL programs


What is timing concept in mainframe?


How to override loadlib?


I want to JCL sort for Non-COMP and COMP-3 fields SORT FIELDS=(1,5,A,6,11,A,12,11,A,19,1,A,20,1,A),FORMAT=BI,EQUALS Length of comp bytes is 11 bytes which start at 6byte and 12 byte considering 11 bytes in comp-3 is 6 bytes. Can anyone tell if the above sort work SORT FIELDS=(1,5,A,6,6,A,12,6,A,19,1,A,20,1,A),FORMAT=BI,EQUALS does not works OK


I had Records in file Like this Company Code IBM 2 IBM 1 IBM 4 WIPRO 3 WIPRO 2 WIPRO 9 TCS 4 TCS 6 TCS 3 i want the record of every company with highest code How can i do that?