JCL Interview Questions
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What is a GDG


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What is a Generation Data Group (GDG)?

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How is a GDG base created?

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What is model dataset label(Model DSCB)?

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How are GDGs concatenated?

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How is a new GDG coded?

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When should DISP=MOD is used?


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How is a dataset passed from one step to another?


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How are datasets concatenated?


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What is the difference between the JOBLIB and the STEPLIB statements?

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Name some of the JCL statements that are not allowed in procs.?

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What is primary allocation for a dataset?

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What is the difference between primary and secondary allocations for a dataset?

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How many extents are possible for a sequential file ? For a VSAM file ?

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What does a disposition of (NEW,CATLG,DELETE) mean?

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Explain how can return codes be tested before execution of a job step?


Are there any set of rules for the names of the steps used in a job?


Explain the purpose of dd dummy statement?


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Is it possible to define dd statements as you want?


Is their any limit for data sets?


What is the function of a dd statement?


is there any way to execute more than one proc in the same exec statement at the same time..?


how you can direct the data to spool using SYSOUT option?


What is the function of the dd avgrec keyword in sms datasets?


What is the difference between run mode and addressing mode?


Is it possible to left uncode disp?


In sms datasets, what is the function of the dd mgmtclas keyword?


1) SORT FIELDS=(20,4,CH,D,10,3,CH,D) OUTREC FIELDS=(7:20,4,C' FUTURE ',20,2,10,3,1Z,1,9,13,7, 24,57,TRAN=LTOU,6X'FF') This example illustrates how a fixed-length input data set can be sorted and reformatted for output. The SORTIN LRECL is 80 bytes. The reformatted output records are fixed length with a record size of 103 bytes. SOLRF (the IBM-supplied default) is in effect, so unless the SORTOUT LRECL is specified or available, it will automatically be set to the reformatted record length of 103. in the above example i have some doubts that a) sort fields=(20,4,CH,D,10,3,CH,D) -what exactly it does and this fields related to output record fields or input record fields b)outrec used to refprmat the records after sorting that means could please reply me as soon as possible Thanks. Venkat


The disp in the JCL is MOD and the program opens the file in OUTPUT mode. What happens ? The disp in the JCL is SHR and the pgm opens the file in EXTEND mode. What happens ?