Step 1 RC 4
Step 2
Step 3

I want to know the COND parameter which can be coded in step 2 or 3. Step 2 should be executed based on Step 1 RC and Step 3 should not be executed based on step 1's RC

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how to write a jcl prog to copy alternate recs from ps1 to another ps2,suppose ps1 having 10 recs?

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how to code instream data in procedure?

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Can we find specific member without knowing the name of PDS or can we search a member to which PDS it belongs to? if so how?

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I have a job which is a long-running one. Processes millions of records. Due to some run-time problem (not a problem due to the job/data) the job abends.What needs to be done to make the job complete successfully.

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hi,i have joined in mainframe course recently. ihave a doubt ragarding restart parameter.what is d use of it. and what is d syntax for it. any one give me d answer pls.

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Do we need to code DCB parameters when using DISP position as MOD?

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I have 2 steps in my exec statement , in first step I am creating a gdg, and the output of this step is going into second step as a input, and this second step is abended , now how could i approach in this case.

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In a JCL if previous steps return code is greater than 0 or 4 then the next step will not execute. But the job will be successfull with the maximum return code. How can we reset this maximum return code to '0' regardless of return codes of any steps?

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Is it possiable to use a gdg in the INCLUDE statement in a SORT jcl? I am using this because I want to change the condition with out changing the jcl. Please provide with a sample code.

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How to copy one PS file to multiple PS files with same data?

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What is the use of ikjeft1b utility in jcl?

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we define the array like this 01 array 02 veg occurs 10 times 03 days occurs 6 times 04 cost pic 9(5). but why don't we write it as 01 array 02 veg occurs 10 times 03 days occurs 6 time 04 cost pic 9(5). is there any error will occur ,what is it? and why don't 01,02,03 not contain picture clause? if we put pic in those is there any error will occur what is it will occur?

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