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Government Interview Questions
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In the Words of Aristotle, what is the definition of State?


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?Man is a social animal by nature and necessity?, who said it

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A State will consists four elements, what are they;

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?A Man who lives outside the Polis is either a beast or a god?, is attributed by

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What Polis means

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Tell us the definition of State, in the words of ?Garner?

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?Political science begins and ends with the State?, who said it

College School Exams Tests, Garnier, Plato,

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To all Governments which is the important feature

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In parliamentary system of Governments, by whom the Bill are prepared and introduced

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What is main function of the bureaucracy.

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When the members of the Cabinet can be picked from more than one political party?

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What is maximum period of member of Cabinet without being a member in parliament?

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A vote of ?No confidence? against defence minister leads to

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How long the members of the Cabinet hold office

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Who is the real executive authority under Cabinet Government

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Un-Answered Questions { Government }

when will oriental bank final results will get announced?is 60% in written test for general category is enough to clear the interview?if anybody knows ,please reply.


I have been selected ine written test of LIC ADO please tell me what type of questions will be asked in LIC ADO interview please email me


do you belive god exist ?? why ??


hello...i'm interested in writing group-1...can we have optional subjects for the exam...if so,which subjects can i choose???i'm interested in science but a bit poor in mathematics...can anyone tell where can i get the material to prepare for prelims...and how to plan for preparation....


i have cleared the LIC Housing finance Ltd written exam for the post of asisstant...the interviews are to conducted from 17feb...please guide me on how to prepare for the interview..what all questions are likely to be asked ?


why do you think you are better than others ??


what is the expected cutoff marks for APPSC GROUP4 in warangal? and how many posts vacant for group4. I got 208 marks in Group4 final key...if include cancelled questions i'm getting 215 MALE there any chance getting job..?


how many members can be created inside a single ICDS?


"Excellence" can you define or say some thing about it


Hi, This is Sunita Iam an MBA graduate and interested in group 2 but do not have any guidance. I dont have time to take coaching as iam a mother of tripplets. Could any body guide me and send me some useful material in english and pervious exam papers and also pls let me know when the next notification for group 2 is likely to be released, let me know where can i get material aswell. Pls send me the group 2 material and syllabus and preparation plan and pattern to my mail id


hello myself sumit gupta i belongs to handicapped cateogery i hav given exam of indian bank on 22-08-2010 can anyone tell me what should be the cutoff for this clerk exams i will score more than 130 & between 140 afer detuctingf negative marks plz suggest me am i eligible or not


Can any body mail me previous year question papers of RRB- civil engineering for post of sectional engineer


what is reasons for communal riots how you would control if give charge ?? do you think india should be secular-why ?


I am an engineering graduate and working with a pay of 15k in hyd . I got a job in associated bank in sbi as a clerk . I am totally confused in choosing Bank or my same job . please suggest me with including the scope and faults in SBI


When is the World Ozone Day celebrated?