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Government Interview Questions
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In the Words of Aristotle, what is the definition of State?


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?Man is a social animal by nature and necessity?, who said it

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A State will consists four elements, what are they;

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?A Man who lives outside the Polis is either a beast or a god?, is attributed by

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What Polis means

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Tell us the definition of State, in the words of ?Garner?

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?Political science begins and ends with the State?, who said it

College School Exams Tests, Garnier, Plato,

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To all Governments which is the important feature

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In parliamentary system of Governments, by whom the Bill are prepared and introduced

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What is main function of the bureaucracy.

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When the members of the Cabinet can be picked from more than one political party?

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What is maximum period of member of Cabinet without being a member in parliament?

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A vote of ?No confidence? against defence minister leads to

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How long the members of the Cabinet hold office

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Who is the real executive authority under Cabinet Government

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What is the gross salary of newly appointed clerk in sbi bank for BE Graduate's?


i have been selected 4 ssc sas exam with rank 12, please someome tell me when can i expect joining? My 1st choice for posting is delhi, will i get dat posting? Please reply!


Hi i am selected as accountent in CGA through ssc cgle 2010. Can any one tell, where i shall be posted. I heared that accountent posted in CGA remains in Delhi only.


I working in Central government autonomous as a staff car driver, can I change my profile. How can I change my cadre. Is there any rule to change my post through DPC or direct recruitment.


Please tell something about ex-president APJ Kalam. Why was he so popular?


please suugest me which book is better for preparation of Informatics assistant.


do you think religion should be identifying factor why or why not ?? benift of following religion ??


who are better friends according to you-girls or boys? if boy than why boys not girl?? & if girl than why girls not boy ??


what questions will be asked in dharmaday ayukta exams for public relations officer


Can anyone send me previous year rrb JE signals paper. my id is


what are the general questions asked for acio interview?? quick reply is appreciated


i 1 2 know about the promotion facilities in postal dept. through postal assistant


Please send me signal section engineer written question papers


i am doing...btech 3rd year..can i apply for groups....can any one help me...


why did you choose math stream in 12th ??