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Government Interview Questions
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In the Words of Aristotle, what is the definition of State?


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?Man is a social animal by nature and necessity?, who said it

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A State will consists four elements, what are they;

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?A Man who lives outside the Polis is either a beast or a god?, is attributed by

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What Polis means

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Tell us the definition of State, in the words of ?Garner?

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?Political science begins and ends with the State?, who said it

College School Exams Tests, Garnier, Plato,

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To all Governments which is the important feature

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In parliamentary system of Governments, by whom the Bill are prepared and introduced

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What is main function of the bureaucracy.

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When the members of the Cabinet can be picked from more than one political party?

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What is maximum period of member of Cabinet without being a member in parliament?

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A vote of ?No confidence? against defence minister leads to

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How long the members of the Cabinet hold office

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Who is the real executive authority under Cabinet Government

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Un-Answered Questions { Government }

when is open first parrilimentary of india


hello sir,I am gangadhar.I want to prepare for SBI PO xam. In po xam paper1 amd 2 is problem is with paper2. please provide me wat is the pattern of paper2 and how 2 prepare and where the material wil be available


what is your view about extra-marital relationship


How long you stay away form main land


how can i get job in customs


i have apply for RBI grade B officer exam.i am confused about the exam preparation.please guide me about any book for email id


what is punching?


What u have after MCA?


ssc cgl2012 i got 62.50 marks in tier1 and my name is in list TA only minimum cutoff for the SC cate. candidates is 62.50 but in tier2 i got 142 marks in maths and 104.50 marks in english but unfortunately yet my name is in list4 TA only and i calling for DEST at delhi on 26th nov. and i did but i was little bit worried about my typing test if i will not pass typing test then i got any post even i secured much marks? I m belong to SC category. Pls anybody knows tell me what can be done? cutoff marks for the interview post for the SC candidates is 284, and for TA is 236 and for the non- interview post which i was choose 1st preference is 254. pls tell me if anybody knows


i hv been selected as a tax assistant as per 2008 exam and allocated to kolkata region. has anyone received an appointment letter?????? pls inform


I m akash kumar from dehradun n i belong to sc's my interview on 8 dec 2014 for sbi's written in my call letter to have "english version of those certificate, which are  in vernaculer language.what i got is i hav to get my documents translated into english which r in hindi. Can anybody tell me how to do this?


do anyone know about the pay scale for clerical post in Federal bank..


Has result of CGL Tier-II publish in employment news, if so in which issue.


sir, i sent applications to every division of kerala for postal assistant exam....i have got 89 percent marks in +2 board exam....will there be any chance for shortlisted me for written examination???


Explain about the political and economic issues in the American Revolution?