Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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why I-sections are considered to be stronger one than any other ? how does a ship floats?

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1.Method of finding dry ingredientfor 1 m3 concrete. 2.Method of finding dry ingredient for 1 M3 plastetr.

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what is an engineering?


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what is the significance of pressure angle in spur gear? What is meant by self locking in worm and worm gear?

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what is ultimate tensile strength? for any material give relation ship between various stretgth like tesile, shear, % dformation?

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1.In modal analysis ,we can give damping or not? 2.draw goodman's rankine fatigue curve? 3.write down goodman's rankine fatigue equation? 4.IN structural analysis ,out of so many stresses,why von-mises stress are chosen?


1 6882 you please send all INTERVIEW Unigraphics/ansys QUESTIONS&ANSWERS. structural analysis,linear,nonlinear analysis,modal,harmonic analysis all questions @answers? Send all typical HR questions &answers?

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how you want your manager to be? what is the think like is your previous manager? why you want to change the job? would you like to team or individual ?why? how you react when manager shout?

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what kind of carrier you would like to build yourself?

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describe yourself

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If we put a ball(made by metal) of dia 10mm on table of size 200 mm*200 mm . weight of ball is 10 kg(98.1N) it should point conact with table than what is the stress acting on table and why?

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What are all the possibilities discharge will be low in the pumps?

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What are all the possibilities discharge will be low in the pumps?


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how can you calculate angle of bite practically???

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how to implement spc. why we need spc?

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What is the difference between tube and pipe?


how we calculate the induced air capacity of id fan of a boiler?


Tell me how you are ready to comply with the employment rules and regulations if your CV is considered for employment?


What is meant by cross flow heat exchanger?


pls ,send me technical questions of jindal steels and power ltd


Who built the trans alaska pipelene?


Where is the expansion tank located?


Explain about front drive mechanism in vehicle


if any one who attended the caterpillar interview please send me the sample questions and the areas from which questions are being asked...


Can we add different application (program)in pro e modelling software? If YES ,then how????????


What is the principle of mechanical refrigeration ?


Name the four most important components of a Freon refrigeration system.


What do you mean by cotter joint?


While normal carburising and nitriding surface treatments increase fatigue strength, excessive treatment may decrease the fatigue strength. Why ?


What is an expansion valve and its purpose?