Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the max demand on your transformer and your company?

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What is the power factor you maintain at ur organization?

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How do you connect the capacitors on polyphase circuits?

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What is the make of breakers, transformers, generators? What are their capacities and ratings?

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Is your generator is automated or manual if so do you know the circuits?


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What are the different sizes of cables for H.T and L.T side of supply?

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Do you know how to measure the earth resistance? if so explain it

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What is meant by H.R.C fuse?

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What are the different protection systems takes place on control panel board?


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What are the different ratings of the fuse units for different distributions at your organization?


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What are the different protection systems used to protect the transformer internally and externally?

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What is the rating of your substation and what are the different types of substations?


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What should be the earthing resistance of an industrial substation and also What should be the house hold earthing resistance?

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How do you maintain the earthing resistance?

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what are the different kind of cables used for transmissions?


Why we used 690V in ACS 800 drives.Why dont use standard voltage like 415v or 1.1Kv


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in indoor type circuit breakers why only the corner breaker trips specially during cold season. What is the reason.


explanation of mesh bus bars


What is the principle of HIGH SPEED DIRECT DRIVE MOTOR ?


What is the maximum and minimum rating of UPS?


what is RFCT and Insulgard Relay & It's function?


from which subjects most of the technical que will b asked for hpcl(electrical).pls help me


how much value of resistance should connect to 15 kw, 6 pole 3 phase slip ring induction motor having RV-240, RA-42.


What will happend if given Vfd out put to step up transformer


What is the de rating factor of cable? What is the importance of the de rating factor in cable select


how to check regenerative load in drived motor


how can found motors folt current ? how can disided circuit breakers caoicity and breaking capicity ?


how can calculate resistance box for 15 kw, 6 pole, RV-230, RA-42 motor