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Infosys Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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How to create DSN..Explain?

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What is your career goal and career plans ?

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Say about your strengths and weaknesses ?

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What is endurance testing?

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what is verification and validation?

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What is automation Framework?

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What is meant by Resonance what are the different types of resonance and what are uses of them?

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Whats meant by trivector meter where it is connected at the substation?

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What is OOPS and How it is different from Procedural Programming ?

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Difference between Top down and bottom up approaches for a given project ?

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What is difference between initialization and assignment?

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How to analyze the design patterns ?

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Using only five 3's (can use any operators)how do you get the value as 31.

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what is the difference between test case and test scenario.Explain with example?

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Infosys Interview Questions

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